The Single Best Example of Media Bias Ever


Deny it as they may, nearly the entire mainstream media in the United States carries a raging bias against President Donald Trump. Of course, as well-informed conservatives, we already know this. We see it daily both in the topics they choose to cover and in the way they treat the president.

For those liberals who deny the existence of media bias, however, more proof is clearly needed to dissuade them of the erroneous assumption that once-celebrated outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post and, especially, The Associated Press are unbiased.

Because of the AP’s wide reach and lengthy history, liberals automatically roll their eyes when conservatives accuse this particular outlet of being biased.

“You guys are just crazy right-wingers,” they say. “How could such a publisher that’s been producing news for 171 years possibly get away with being biased?”

By displaying its bias in the most subtle of ways, so that most people never even notice it. For instance, below is a tweet the AP posted Monday regarding Trump’s newly unveiled spending plan:

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While that might look like a perfectly normal news tweet to untrained eyes, it’s actually brimming with subtle bias against Trump.

The AP gets away with it, though, because the proof of its bias isn’t in the actual tweet itself — it’s hidden in the past, where most people will never look.

As noted by The Daily Caller, when the AP broke the news of former President Barack Obama’s “deficit-ridden spending plans in 2015 and 2016,” in both instances it “chose to comment on specific areas of spending from the plans” versus highlighting the deficits they would trigger.

Is the Associated Press biased?

Check out this tweet from 2015:

And this from 2016:

Why, when the AP reported on Trump’s spending plan this week, did it make an issue out of the plan’s projected “soaring deficits” instead of focusing on Trump’s intention, as reported by The Hill, to “streamline the permitting process down to two years, invest in rural infrastructure projects and advance workforce training?”

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Because the AP is biased, plain and simple, and anyone who denies this is either willingly blind or so radicalized in their hatred for the president that they believe this is how the media should report on Trump.

Yes, that’s right, they genuinely believe it’s good for the country when the AP, as well as other media outlets, focus only on the negatives of Trump’s plans, or spread fake news about the president and his staff or, as seen last summer, claim the president is making life difficult for minorities.

Life is just fine for this minority, thank you very much, though it’d admittedly be a bit better if The Associated Press and other glaringly left-wing would stop distorting the truth about President Donald Trump, a man I proudly voted for in the 2016 election, and still support to this day.

Just saying …

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