Biden Admin Names Rachel Levine, a Man, the 'First-Ever Female Four-Star Admiral' in Public Health Corps


The first-ever “female” four-star admiral in the public health corps is actually a man.

Yes, you heard that right.

In a statement released Tuesday, the Biden administration lauded the appointment of Rachel Levine to the aforementioned position, saying “Admiral Levine now serves as the highest ranking official in the USPHS Commissioned Corps and its first-ever female four-star admiral.”

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This is the same group that claims to be the “party of science,” mind you.

The same party that is allowing men like Levine to take over women’s athletics and invade female-only spaces, all in the name of inclusivity.

It’s funny, really: The Democratic Party has so many groups to please, so many “oppressed” peoples to rescue, that those groups are starting to come into conflict with one another.

Now, the left is sacrificing its commitment to women’s empowerment and feminism so that it can promote the transgender agenda.

Is the Democratic Party the "party of science"?

Just think about this: What is so special about a woman if any man can simply identify as a woman, take her place and be equally celebrated?

At that point, why are women special at all?

Conservatives know the answer to this — women, due to their biological and social differences, are incredibly unique and complement men perfectly, just as men complement them.

Women can create and nurture life, for example. It’s hard to name a male attribute that is equally powerful.

Nevertheless, the left is set on claiming that any biological man — if he feels like it — can be just as much of a woman as anyone else.

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Even if Levine was a woman, the whole idea that his position should be celebrated as the first female appointment is based on a lie.

The lie is that every occupation, at every level, should be equal parts male and female.

The left wants you to believe that, if equal representation is not achieved, that must be a sign that society is morally corrupt and discriminatory.

In truth, different people make different choices.

When it comes to important government positions such as this, “diversity, equity and inclusion” shouldn’t be the goal.

The best possible candidate should be hired for every role, regardless of their identity.

Nevertheless, Biden has made it clear he doesn’t care about qualifications or competency; he doesn’t care about truth or morality.

Rather, Biden and his cronies simply care about checking off all their diversity boxes.

No wonder his first year in office has been such an utter catastrophe.

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