Biden's ICE Nominee Pushed False Viral Claim that White Man Murdered Black Girl


President Joe Biden is stacking his administration with race-baiting, open-borders radicals who cavalierly demonize white people and want to flood the United States with unvetted illegal aliens.

The latest is Ed Gonzalez, sheriff of Harris County, Texas, whom Biden nominated to lead Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

In addition to refusing to enforce immigration laws, he once falsely accused a white man of murdering a 7-year-old black girl, Jazmine Barnes, even though the men (Larry Woodruffe and Eric Black Jr.) eventually charged in the killing turned out to be black.

The wrongly accused man, Robert Cantrell, committed suicide in July 2019 — seven months after being falsely accused of a racially motivated murder.

His attorney said mob harassment and repeated death threats against Cantrell and his family played a role in his suicide at age 49.

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“As soon as [a police sketch] came out on the news, he started getting death threats at the jail and his family was getting death threats,” E. Tay Bond told The Courier of Montgomery County, Texas. “I think that this significantly contributed to my client diminished mental state knowing he was in jail and could not protect his family.”

At the time of his suicide, Cantrell was in jail for suspicion of robbery in an incident unrelated to Jazmine’s December 2018 shooting death.

Despite the horrific fallout of his race-hustling lie, Gonzalez still has not deleted his original 2018 tweet wrongly claiming the suspect was white.

Shockingly, the Democratic sheriff tweeted the false information even after receiving a credible tip that the suspect was black, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

He also retweeted numerous other people’s posts misidentifying Jazmine’s killer.

Journalist Andy Ngo summed up the race-baiting debacle in January 2019.

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“Last month a 7-year-old girl in Texas was killed in a brazen drive-by shooting. The suspect was identified as a white male,” he tweeted.

“Activists & celebrities like Shaun King pounced on the story. Today: Eric Black Jr has admitted to the shooting & has been charged.”

A second suspect was also arrested in connection to the killing. Both Woodruffe and Black are now facing capital murder charges.

The suspects look nothing like the wrongly accused, blue-eyed white male.

But the fake narrative was repeated and rabidly amplified on social media and by the establishment press until it whipped up a mob frenzy.

The establishment media hyperventilated nonstop about the Jazmine’s murder after Gonzalez, left-wing activist Shaun King and countless other liberals initially claimed — with zero evidence — that the killing was racially motivated.

As usual, Democrats and their media puppets sow racial division and stoke public hysteria with false narratives but take no responsibility when their lies are debunked.

Biden is adding more fuel to the fire by hiring Gonzalez, who as ICE director will not curb the illegal immigration crisis, safeguard the nation’s sovereignty or enforce its laws.

He’ll merely be just another left-wing activist who is bankrolled by taxpayers to work against the best interests of the American people.

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