As Border Crisis Spirals Out of Control, Biden's DHS Chief Says He Is Opening New Doors for Migrants to Come to US


Thanks in large part to President Joe Biden’s policies, America is experiencing a crisis at the southwest border. While the Biden administration claims to be taking the situation seriously, it continues to encourage more migrants to flood the border.

On Tuesday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas issued a statement addressing the “situation at the southwest border,” as he put it. Instead of admitting that America is unable to process the large influx of migrants, he essentially argued that we should open more doors to let migrants into the country.

“For years, the asylum system has been badly in need of reengineering,” he said.

“In addition to improving the process by which unaccompanied children are placed with family or sponsors, we will be issuing a new regulation shortly and taking other measures to implement the long-needed systemic reforms,” Mayorkas added.

“We will shorten from years to months the time it takes to adjudicate an asylum claim while ensuring procedural safeguards and enhancing access to counsel.”

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What Mayorkas really means is that the Biden administration wants to make it easier for many migrants to claim asylum in order to cross the border.

As Breitbart reported: “Mayorkas is trying to widen various small doors on the border. For example, he is helping many more migrants win claims for asylum by allowing them to seek asylum from routine poverty, political corruption, and street crime commonplace in many countries outside the United States.”

Moreover, “The offer of lawyers will lengthen legal disputes and make it difficult for them to be deported. The lawyers will help migrants to stay in the United States for years, even if the asylum claims are weak — and so encourage yet more wage-deflating migration into Americans’ jobs,” the outlet added.

Even CNN commentator Fareed Zakaria thinks making it easier to claim asylum is a bad idea.

Are the Biden administration's policies worsening the border crisis?

“The truth is the asylum system is out of control,” he said Sunday.

“The concept of asylum dates to the years after World War II, when the United States created a separate path to legal status for those who feared religious, ethnic or political persecution — a noble idea born in the shadow of America’s refusal to take in Jews in the 1930s.”

While the asylum system was originally used “sparingly,” Zakaria said that the system is now being abused to give certain migrants “special consideration” without having to go through the traditional legal process of immigration.

Of course, Zakaria had to put his liberal spin on things. Instead of actually addressing the fact that Biden’s administration wants to make asylum claims even more mainstream, he attempted to shift the focus onto former President Donald Trump, who he blamed for “attacking Biden on this issue.”

The fact is that Trump is right to attack Biden on this issue. The Biden administration’s soft immigration policies have contributed to our border crisis, and yet it continues to pursue policies that will only worsen the situation.

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In his Tuesday statement, Mayorkas tried to shift blame onto Mexico for the crisis. He said the United States is attempting to expel most migrants apprehended at the border, with the exception of unaccompanied children, but Mexico is sometimes unable to accommodate them.

“Single adults from other countries are expelled by plane to their countries of origin if Mexico does not accept them,” he said.

“Families from Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries are expelled to Mexico unless Mexico does not have the capacity to receive the families. … When Mexico’s capacity is reached, we process the families and place them in immigration proceedings here in the United States.”

Mayorkas is attempting to convince Americans that it is not Biden’s policies, but rather Mexico’s lack of compassion for those expelled from the United States, that is forcing his hand. Breitbart called this “an excuse to import the poor migrants,” which the administration wanted to do anyway.

In addition, the Biden administration is contributing to deteriorating conditions in Central American countries, as a separate Breitbart article pointed out.

“Biden’s promises are just the latest stage in the multi-decade campaign by allied progressives and Wall Street investors to overcome the public’s migration preferences,” the outlet reported.

“That long campaign has fractured and loopholed what once was expected by the public to be an orderly legal immigration system for legal migrants from south of the U.S. border. What is left is a de facto obstacle course migration system for blue-collar migrants.”

Breitbart compared a migrant’s path to the United States to the dystopian series “The Hunger Games.” In addition to putting the migrants themselves at risk, the policies also hurt the migrants’ countries of origin.

“The progressives’ Hunger Games also cripple the economies of migrant-sending countries because they are extracting workers, consumers, investments, political pressures, and expectations of growth,” Breitbart said.

Progressives claim that their immigration policies are born out of compassion. However, the effects are deleterious to America, migrants and the countries from which the migrants come.

Despite what Mayorkas’ statement may say, the crisis at the border will not be solved by increasingly soft immigration policies.

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Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.
Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor's degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.