Brutal Winter Makes Frozen Niagara Falls into Work of Art


Apparently it is still winter. For some reason I thought that once New Year’s was over that winter would be over with as well.

But no, the festivities are all behind us and now we just have to slog through winter with few additional parties. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I guess we could indulge in winter activities like snow shoeing or skiing. Could we track the Abominable Snowman through the frozen wilderness to pass the time?

Though I would not go tracking the snowman anytime soon. At the time of writing, the east coast is about to be hit by a bomb cyclone.

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Fortunately, we have been provided with an abundance of wonders to bring back the winter cheer. All you have to do is open up your eyes and see.

For instance, Niagara Falls is usually known for its views of the water or light mist created by the 3.160 tons of water per second that pour over the falls.

But with the cold snap in the US right now, the falls have turned into an entirely dfifferent work of art.

Visitors are coming from all over to witness the ice sculptures that have formed as temperatures drop to between 14 and 22 degrees.

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I think it is obvious now that we are all living in either Frozen from Disney or a doomsday film.

Granted, before true love won the day, Frozen was pretty much a doomsday film with singing.

Regardless, if Niagara is putting on such a show for us maybe our own neighborhoods have some wonders for us.

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Maybe in the face of storms that turn Niagara Falls into art, what we need is more poetry.

You know the ancient Celtic mystics used to speak of thin places? Thin places where where two worlds met — ocean and shore, sky and land — were spaces of profound reflection and poetry.

Maybe this holiday season the winter weather that greets us will also inspire us to hope, to kindness, and to wonder.

After all, if God has worked through nature and has gone to this trouble to make such beautiful displays, the least we can do is enjoy them.

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