Cali Effectively Halts Ammo Sales With Deadline Loophole


Last year, lawmakers in California passed a comprehensive proposition mandating that dealers who only sell ammunition (versus guns and ammo) obtain a license from the California Department of Justice before Jan. 1 of this year.

In response, ammunition dealers across the state rushed to file their paperwork and pay their fees. But thanks to the incompetence of the state’s corrupt government, these dealers had yet to receive their licenses when 2018 arrived, according to Sacramento station KCRA.

As a result, many had to make a tough decision this week: Either temporarily close their stores until they received their licenses, or keep selling ammunition while breaking California state law.

Foothill Ammo owner Chris Puehse chose the latter option.

“I did all my paperwork, I paid the fees,” he said to KCRA. “They’ve had time to figure this out. This is not my problem.”

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But not everybody had the room to take such risks.

Another report by KCRA noted that a stunning 131 Walmarts in California stopped selling ammunition on New Year’s Day because of the CDOJ’s incompetence:

The CDOJ eventually mailed the licenses out Tuesday

“Ammunition regulations from the California Department of Justice were approved today,” a COJ spokesperson said in a statement according to KXTV. “The Department has processed applications and issued licenses.”

Keep in mind it probably took a day or so for them to arrive. Plus, by the time they did arrive, the damage had already been done.

“We don’t understand why it has to come to this state, where it’s panic and fear on the part of a lot of small businesses who could lose their livelihood by losing two or three days’ worth of business,” Sam Paredes, told KCRA.

He wasn’t kidding either about the fear and panic.

“Caused me a lot of stress,” said Puehse. “I was really stressed out thinking somebody might come in and arrest me for selling ammunition without having a license.”

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This fiasco could have been avoided had the CDOJ done its job or, even better, had California’s leftist lawmakers  not felt compelled to issue even more unnecessary gun regulations.

Luckily for Puehse, his local sheriff wasn’t keen on actually enforcing the state’s new law for the time being.

“That’s unacceptable, that’s harm to them, I can’t enforce it, nor will I allow the state to come in and enforce it when it’s unenforceable at this time,” El Dorado County Sheriff John D’agostini told KCRA.

Good man, though Puehse was still frustrated.

“I have a family to feed, I have a mortgage to pay, I got a lease on my store, I got to stay in business,” he said.

And that’s exactly why California’s loopy legislators should have left him and every other ammunition dealer alone.

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