Canada Elects to Keep Killing Its Economy, Keep US Border Closed Until 75% Are Vaccinated


Democrats claim it’s racist for the United States to not cheerfully welcome hordes of unvaccinated, unmasked illegal aliens who flood our southern border every day, but they’re curiously silent when our northern neighbor — Canada — keeps its border closed to Americans due to coronavirus concerns.

Canadian border chief Bill Blair told CBC on Sunday that Canada will not reopen its border to Americans until 75 percent of Canadians are fully vaccinated.

At present, less than 20 percent of Canadians have received both injections, so the country still has a long way to go to meet its lofty vaccination target.

“We haven’t reached the finish line, and the finish line is when a significant majority of Canadians —  approximately 75 percent — are fully vaccinated,” the public safety minister told CBC.

Canada, which boasts the world’s longest undefended border, closed its border to most travel in March 2020, when COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic.

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On Friday, it extended its travel restrictions until at least July 21.

Understandably, Blair explained on Twitter that his top priority is Canadians’ safety and well-being.

While numerous Twitter users groused about the travel restriction by saying it’s inconvenient, there was no mass left-wing outcry calling the “Canada first” policy racist or xenophobic.

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That is what Democrats screeched when former President Donald Trump restricted travel from communist China last year when the coronavirus erupted.

“Our number one priority as we fight #COVID19 is keeping Canadians safe,” the Canadian border chief tweeted. “In coordination with the U.S., we are extending restrictions on non-essential international travel and with the United States until July 21st, 2021.”

While the United States is slowly reopening as the pandemic subsides, Canada is continuing its draconian coronavirus restrictions despite the catastrophic impact this is having on its economy.

Canada’s tourism- and travel-related businesses lost an estimated $16 billion in revenue last year, Bloomberg reported.

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“Airlines, tour operators and other businesses on both sides of the border have been pleading for a reopening, with the vital summer season about to begin, and Canada’s go-slow approach is causing frustration,” the report said.

Blair’s decision was ripped on Twitter by numerous business executives who called the continued border closure anti-scientific and destructive.

Harley Finkelstein, the president of Canadian e-commerce group Shopify, said the travel restriction will have a devastating impact on the country’s economy.

“This is the wrong decision,” he tweeted. “The second order effects of this for Canada are massive. We need to open the border for fully vaccinated travellers immediately.”

David Ossip, the CEO of the Canadian software company Ceridian, agreed, saying he’s concerned the travel restriction will cause the loss of Canadian jobs.

“Impact to Canadian business that operate globally is causing companies to shift hiring to US offices,” he tweeted. “Loss of Canadians jobs.”

David Sweet, a conservative member of the Canadian Parliament, blasted Blair, calling his decision “absolutely absurd and harmful for businesses and separated families!”

Sweet also pointed out how idiotic it is to close the border to the United States, which has a much higher vaccination level than Canada does.

It’s refreshing that these Canadian business executives are concerned about strengthening their country’s economy because they’re patriots who want their nation to flourish.

This is a stark contrast to many Democrats, who don’t seem to care if the U.S. economy craters and its society gets ravaged by riots and race wars.

So far, no high-profile Democrat has smeared Canada as racist for keeping its border closed to the United States in a bid to protect its citizens.

Meanwhile, many Democrats have openly declared that it’s racist and immoral for the U.S. not to allow tens of thousands of unvetted illegal aliens to cross our southern border every day.

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