Cecile Richards Has A History Of Disturbing Comments; Here Are Her Worst Moments


Former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards has made more than a few disturbing comments while serving as leader of the abortion organization.

Richards became president of Planned Parenthood in 2006 but resigned on April 30.

Here are some of Richards’ more disturbing remarks:

1. “I had an abortion … and it wasn’t a difficult decision,” Richards wrote in a 2014 Op-Ed for Elle magazine. Richards has carried four babies but has only three children after aborting one of them.

2. “We are part of the fabric of American life,” Richards wrote in a 2016 Time magazine Op-Ed, applauding the number of women who’ve gone to Planned Parenthood for its abortion services.

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3. “We do not have mammogram machines at our health centers, and we’ve never stated that we did,” Richards told U.S. House leaders in 2015. She was under oath when she admitted so.

Richards has long touted mammograms, adoption referrals and other services for women who decide to continue their pregnancies, claiming abortion is just a sliver of the services Planned Parenthood provides.

Planned Parenthood aborted more than 300,000 unborn babies in 2017, but it handed out only 2,889 adoption referrals — roughly one adoption referral for every 114 abortions.

The abortion giant attempts to make light of these numbers by insisting abortions make up only 3 percent of the services it offers, because it counts an abortion as one service. A woman going to Planned Parenthood to get an abortion also receives a pregnancy test, a contraception kit and a pap smear. By Planned Parenthood’s math, aborting the baby is only one-quarter of a woman’s visit.

4. “As you probably know, there were congressional investigations that were politically motivated. We’ve been acquitted of everything,” Richards told NJTV News on Feb. 21. The FBI requested documents from the Senate Judiciary Committee in November 2017 and is investigating Planned Parenthood after a series of explosive 2015 videos allegedly revealed Planned Parenthood was harvesting and distributing aborted baby parts to researchers.

5. Abortion is “key to women’s opportunity,” Richards wrote in a 2015 Time piece. Albeit unsurprising, Richards’ comments explicitly indicate women are better off if they can abort their children.

6. “Raising our three kids — Lily, Hannah and Daniel — is, bar none, the absolute best thing I’ve ever done,” Richards wrote in her 2018 book, “Make Trouble: Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding the Courage to Lead — My Life Story.” She detailed the joys of motherhood yet led an organization dedicated to providing women with abortive tools to ensure they don’t have to become mothers.

7. “Our life was such a matriarchy that when Daniel was three, he said, ‘When I grow up, I want to be a woman,’” Richards noted in “Make Trouble.” Boasting about a lopsided partnership and your son’s desire to be the opposite sex when he is only age 3 might deviate from some norms, but it fits with Richards’ seemingly feminist agenda.

8. “By the time they were in high school, our apartment was where one could always find condoms,” Richards added in “Make Trouble.” It’s unclear how many parents would approve of their young children engaging in activities requiring condoms, but Planned Parenthood will be there if the condom fails.

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“The discrepancy between Planned Parenthood’s history under Richards and her self-portrait in ‘Making Trouble’ is jarring. Either Cecile Richards hasn’t really been in charge of Planned Parenthood for the last 12 years, or Cecile Richards’ autobiography is a disingenuous caricature of values that Richards does not truly champion,” Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins wrote in a May 10 USA Today Op-Ed.

Planned Parenthood aborted 7,132,130 babies from Margaret Sanger’s founding of the organization in the early 1900s to the start of last year. Its doctors aborted more than 328,348 unborn babies in 2016 and killed 6,803,782 unborn babies between 1978 and 2016, according to CNS News.

LifeNews also wrote a piece detailing Richards’ craziest comments.

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