CNN Insiders Speak Out, Baffled Over Why Network Still Stands by Don Lemon


Don Lemon must know where all the bodies are buried at CNN.

In spite of the fact that he has become a liability for the viewers-challenged network, management has made the inexplicable decision to keep him around — and people on the inside are starting to wonder why.

His continued presence on historically-low-rated “CNN This Morning” is so peculiar, it left some network insiders who recently spoke to Fox News baffled.

For a quick reminder, Lemon was pulled from CNN primetime late last year amid a lineup reshuffle that saw him placed on mornings with female co-anchors Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow.

The trio has driven the left-wing network’s ratings into the ground, and the show is known for its behind-the-scenes drama, more than it is anything else.

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Lemon reportedly can’t get along with either host, and it all blew up in February when he categorized women over the age of 50 as past their “prime.”

A report surfaced last week that alleged Lemon has long been abusive to his colleagues and at one point used a burner phone to send threatening messages as far back as 2008.

Variety reported numerous former CNN employees had previously made note of the fact Lemon’s behind-the-scenes ire was often directed at women.

Do you think CNN should let Don Lemon go?

One former colleague, Kyra Phillips, reportedly once received threatening messages that CNN management traced to Lemon — and this all came after she received an assignment he wanted.

An apparent pattern emerged: Lemon had it out for women and was always engaged in what was described as “diva-like” behavior.

It’s hard to dispute that when viewing this year how the 57-year-old has handled hosting a show with two women. Just watch this gem:

The Variety piece elicits many questions, including why CNN is still standing by Lemon today, even under new management.

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The company blasted the Variety report and stood by its man.

A person described as a “longtime media industry executive who previously worked at CNN” spoke to Fox News about the latest drama involving Lemon.

“Well before the Variety article appeared, it’s been one of the biggest mysteries in TV news why CNN keeps Don Lemon around,” the person said.

The anonymous insider added, “[Lemon] rates poorly, he is a source of constant embarrassment and his new morning show is an unqualified disaster.”

Finally, the person asked the obvious question: “Now his long history of degrading women has been laid bare … What mysterious hold does he have over his bosses that explains his longevity?”

Meanwhile, another CNN insider made another obvious point when speaking to Fox.

“There are plenty of people just as talented and popular with viewers that are not such a heavy lift,” the person said.

There are indeed plenty of talented people on television who could do what Lemon does and presumably without all the drama.

Lemon does not help CNN attract viewers, and the far-left anchor is not particularly bright.

That leads to the only obvious potential explanation as to why CNN continues to overpay someone who does not help its bottom line and is a reported human resources disaster-in-waiting.

Lemon must know the location of the closet at CNN where former network CEO Jeff Zucker hid all the skeletons.

No other theory makes any sense.

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