Conservatives Will Howl When They Meet the 'Doctor' Who Claims Biden Is Mentally Fit


Great news, everyone! Doddering Joe Biden is mentally fit, according to one “doctor.”

The 79-year-old president has been cleared by his wife, “Dr.” Jill Biden, who has a doctorate in education.

This non-science degree is easier to get than a doctorate of medicine or a doctorate of philosophy.

On “CBS Sunday Morning,” the first lady dismissed rampant speculation that her gaffe-prone husband is not mentally fit to be president.

Correspondent Rita Braver noted that “there have been some recent polls that show that quite a few Americans have some questions about the president’s current mental fitness. … So, what’s your response to that?”

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A defensive Jill scoffed, “I think that’s ridiculous!”

Predictably, the CBS correspondent did not follow up on that subject during the softball interview, even though tens of millions of Americans are legitimately worried about Biden’s apparent deteriorating mental sharpness.

According to a Politico/Morning Consult poll conducted in November, a whopping 48 percent of respondents disagreed with the statement that “Joe Biden is mentally fit.”

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This scathing assessment comes as Biden’s poll numbers continue to tumble amid the multiple crises he has inflamed with his destructive policies.

On the topic of inflation — which has surpassed the coronavirus pandemic as the nation’s No. 1 concern — Biden has a dismal 28 percent approval rating, according to an ABC News/Ipsos poll released last week.

A staggering 69 percent of Americans surveyed disapprove of how Biden is handling inflation, which rocketed to a 40-year high in November.

Numerous economists say raging inflation is not “transitory” — as the Biden administration has repeatedly insisted — and instead will be around for at least another year, if not longer.

This is terrible news for the Democratic Party’s flailing poll numbers and for everyday Americans, who are struggling to pay off-the-charts grocery bills, gas prices and heating costs.

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Tellingly, the “CBS Sunday Morning” puff piece on the Bidens occurred just days after a damning CNN report revealed that the White House has been holding secret meetings with liberal media outlets to push positive stories about the administration.

Just days later — as if on cue — CNBC host Jim Cramer gushed that “to me, we have the strongest economy perhaps I have ever seen!”

The catastrophic past year of the Biden presidency has shown that with Democrats in control of the federal government, things can — and will — get worse. So buckle up as we head into Year 2.

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