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Cops Save Senior Trapped in Snow Who Spent Entire Winter Living Off of Supplies in Home


Many people in areas that get only occasional snow enjoy a good snow day or two. Where that’s a rarity, it can be a cozy change of pace to hole up and avoid the elements.

But for those who have many snow days, it’s a pain. It means pausing life for days at a time, or if you are mobile, nonstop snow removal so you can continue with your daily life.

No one really likes shoveling or blowing snow, but it must be done — unless you’re this elderly gentleman in Ottowa, Canada, who at some point looked out the window and thought “not worth it.”

Authorities aren’t sure just how long the man had been snowed inside the house, but at some point the neighbors called for police to check on the man, as they were concerned for his well-being.

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“Last night, OPS officers were called by a concerned neighbour to do a wellness check on a senior at an east end residence,” the Ottowa Police Service posted on Facebook on March 8. “Upon arrival they found a winter’s worth of snow piled high in the driveway with no tracks and no signs of life.”

“When they forced their way in, they found the elderly man inside, alone and alive.”

“He told them that after being snowed in he spent the winter living off whatever he had in the house. Three officers proceeded to dig and snow blow the man out.”

“They called on our City partners to help remove mounds of ice at the end of the driveway. Officers will bring him groceries and contacting services to ensure he has supports moving forward.”

Apparently, the man was fine, and had planned to simply wait out the snow. In his estimation, he had enough supplies to get him through, but the police found his situation unacceptable and cleared out the snow.

Some have chided the neighbors for taking so long to call for help, but in the comments on the police service’s post several commenters said they knew the neighbors and that they’d been out of town for two months, and that as soon as they got back they were concerned for their elderly neighbor.

This is an excellent reminder to keep an eye out, know your neighbors, and check up on your neighbors, especially if they live alone and are elderly. Some people don’t have family nearby to watch out for them.

“He told them that after being snowed in, he spent the winter living off whatever he had in the house,” Amy Gagnon, a spokesperson for the police, told City News.

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“He rationed his food and was going to survive that way,” she continued. “He just was ready and set to wait for the melt.”

“He’s very thankful for the help, but would like to keep his privacy.”

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