Only Thing Cuter Than Kid Rescuers' Accent Is The Lamb They Pull From Pipe


You’re outside, trotting along, taking in the beautiful sights and sounds. The open countryside stretches out in front of you, a carpet of fresh green.

As you’re lost in whatever thoughts you’re browsing through, you hear something. It’s an animal — a lamb. But it sounds odd.

There are no lambs in the immediate vicinity, though you know they’re present on this farm. But this lamb sounds muffled, like it’s bleating in a room far away.

You notice the sound is coming from a black plastic drainage pipe. As you get closer, you realize that somehow, some way, a little lamb must have worked its way into the open pipe.

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That’s what two young girls discovered. One of the girls lived on the farm, and the other was her best friend. They knew they had to rescue the lamb.

So they ran and got backup. Mom and brothers showed up, and they went to work. The first step was to locate the woolly critter.

Sure, the lamb was in the pipe — but where? It was buried; they couldn’t just keep digging and cutting the pipe, hoping to randomly find it.

So they used a tape measure, ran it in as far as they could until they touched the baby, then marked the spot and measured it out above ground.

The lamb was somewhere between 10-11 feet in, but if it had gotten that far in it could spook and go farther. Fortunately, it seemed tired, so they got to work.

They cleared a section of pipe where the lamb was, and an adult used a grinder to cut up a section.

Commenters later criticized the use of the tool, but the farm owners were well-practiced in using it and knew what to do to avoid harming the lamb while still getting it out as quickly as possible.


Once three sides were cut, the kids used crowbars to peek under and see if they could spot the lamb.

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There it was! Soggy and tired, but alive.

The adult then used the grinder again to carefully cut the fourth side, and they lifted the section of thick plastic off the baby sheep. It could barely move inside the pipe.

The kids pushed the lamb back a bit so that they could get his head out first. The rest of him quickly followed.

Zed & Co farm has announced that the lamb’s name is now “Pipe-o,” and he will be kept on the free-range farm as a ram. Thanks to those observant kiddos, this critter was able to go back to his mom the next day, and is safe and sound!

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