Dad in Tears After Sons Spend 2 Years Planning To Surprise Him with Dream Car


How do you thank a good father for everything he’s done?

“Thank you” just doesn’t cover the nights he was up late taking care of you. A yearly card won’t make up for all the diapers he changed or the nights he spent late at the office to make sure there would be food on the table for you.

There’s just nothing quite appropriate because a father’s love can’t be repaid: The best you can hope for is to pay it forward to your own children. But there are ways you can show you care. And these kids have their dad all figured out.

The last two years have been a labor of love for a man named Dave’s two sons. One of them casually asked him what his favorite make, model and year was, and he spent the next two years saving and planning.

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A 1966 Ford Mustang: that was Dave’s dream car. He probably didn’t expect anything would come of the query, but that made it all the better.

Eventually, the two brothers found just the car. They went, looked at it and bought it.

But they wanted to do more than just hand over the keys. This was a surprise, so it should be set up like one.

The brothers decided to take their dad out for breakfast and had the Mustang set up on the route with a for-sale sign that he couldn’t miss.

They even went so far as to get someone to act as the “owner” of the car to make the setup even more believable.

The plan worked. As they drove by the blue car, Dave noticed it. His son offered to stop so he could get a better look.

As Dave admired the car up close and chatted with the man he thought was the owner, he was asked if he wanted to test-drive. He refused but asked how much the man was asking for it.

“Zero,” the man responded.

Playing along, Dave stretched out his hand and said, “That’s the right price, give me the keys.”

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“That is. They’s yours,” the man said, pointing to Dave’s son next to him, who was smiling and holding out the keys.

Dave stared at his son for a moment as he realized what was going on. “No,” was all he could manage.

Amid the laughter and insistence of all around him that the car was indeed paid for and was his, he just kept repeating “no” as he teared up.

Looking at the car with new eyes, Dave finally accepted that the vehicle was his, and he got in and drove off in the car he always wanted.

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