Dan Snyder Claims 'The NFL Is a Mafia' in Response to Wave of Accusations - Does He Have Dirt on Them?


After facing investigations into his actions and ownership, the owner of the NFL’s Washington Commanders, Dan Snyder, has claimed that the “NFL is the mafia” in a move that seems to place him in further combat with the league and its officials.

Snyder is facing multiple investigations on issues such as workplace misconduct and sexual harassment, even though he has denied the allegations ESPN reported.

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform even ran an investigation into the allegations of workplace misconduct in Snyder’s office, the Washington Post reported.

The NFL also fined Snyder $10 million in 2021 after other investigations and ordered Snyder to hand over control of the team to his wife for several months, Bleacher Report reported.

In response, Snyder has reportedly disparaged the league and even hired private investigators to look into other NFL team owners and Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner.

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In a report on the House committee’s findings, “Snyder launched a shadow investigation in an apparent effort to discredit his accusers in the eyes of the NFL and offer up an alternative target for the investigation,” Democratic Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney of New York wrote, according to the Post.

Snyder claims to have dirt on other major NFL owners and officials.

ESPN reported that he even told someone that he had gathered enough secrets to “blow up” other NFL owners and even Goodell himself.

“They can’t f*** with me,” he has allegedly said in private.

Do you think that Snyder actually has any dirt on the NFL?

Snyder has had a seemingly tense relationship with the league and his fellow owners and associates for many years, but in the face of the investigations and the antipathy that he is facing, he refuses to lose his ownership of the Commanders without a fight.

“The NFL is a mafia. All the owners hate each other,” Snyder allegedly said, ESPN reported.

However, another owner has said that it’s actually Snyder who is on the outs with the league.

“That’s not true. All the owners hate Dan,” one NFL owner said.

Snyder has reportedly targeted six other owners in the league, according to Bleacher Report.

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While all these rumors surround Snyder, there have also been reports that Snyder’s attitude and actions are having an effect on the overall club.

The New England Sports News said that Snyder’s bitterness and fight with the league is “poisoning [the Commanders] on the field and off.”

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