Dana Loesch Says Holder Run For President Would Be Historic, For All The Wrong Reasons


Radio talk show host Dana Loesch said on Thursday a presidential run by former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder would be “historic,” given he was the first AG ever held in contempt of Congress.

At a breakfast for reporters hosted by the Christian Science Monitor in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, Holder hinted he may seek the 2020 Democratic nomination.

“You know, I’ll see,” he responded when asked about a bid. “I’m focused on NDRC (National Democratic Redistricting Committee) at this point, but I think I’m making a decision by the end of the year whether or not there is another chapter in my government service.”

The NDRC is involved in legal actions in various states trying to overturn voter districts created by majority Republican state legislatures.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends,” Loesch, who is a spokesperson for the National Rifle Association, offered to make Holder’s decision for him.

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“He doesn’t need to wait until the end of the year. Here is the answer, No,” she said. “Eric Holder doesn’t need to consider a run for any elected office, any appointed for elected office or much less president of the United States.”

“It would be historic though because let’s not forget, he was the first AG held in contempt of Congress,” she stated. “This was a guy who politicized the Department of Justice.”

In June 2012, Congress voted Holder in contempt for his failure to turn over documents related to Operation Fast and Furious.

“The vote was 255-67, with 17 Democrats voting in support of a criminal contempt resolution,” Politico reported.

Fast and Furious was a program launched by the DOJ’s Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in which the federal government allowed criminals to buy guns in Arizona with the intent of tracking them back to Mexico.

“But the agency lost track of more than 1,400 of the 2,000 guns they allowed smugglers to buy,” according to Fox News. Two of those guns were found at the scene where U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed in 2010.

At a House Oversight Committee hearing concerning Fast and Furious last year, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, testified that Holder’s Justice Department and the ATF obstructed the Senate Judiciary Committee’s investigation into the ill-conceived operation.

“The Department of Justice and ATF had no intention of looking for honest answers and being transparent,” he said. “In fact, from the onset, bureaucrats employed shameless delay tactics to obstruct the investigation.”

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During the confirmation hearing Attorney General Jeff Sessions in January 2017, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, charged that the Obama Justice Department (led by Holder and Loretta Lynch starting in 2015) was guilty of “consistently disregarding the rule of law.”

In addition to Fast and Furious, Cruz hammered the DOJ for failing to prosecute IRS officials, including Lois Lerner, who was responsible for targeting conservative groups in the lead up to Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. Instead, Holder handed the department’s investigation into to the matter over to a major Obama donor.

Cruz also mentioned Operation Choke Point targeting businesses with which the administration did not agree through the denial of banking services.

In 2014, the Texas senator released a list of 76 lawless acts of the Obama administration which included the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program (approved by Holder’s DOJ), as well as targeting of certain members of the press for surveillance including Fox News personality James Rosen and editors and reporters with the Associated Press during Obama’s first term.

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