Democrats Move Against Fair Elections in Arizona, Reveal Their Hand


In July, Democrats suffered a huge loss in their never-ending quest to attack the sanctity of our elections.

In the landmark Supreme Court case Brnovich vs. DNC, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 to uphold the state of Arizona’s ban on ballot trafficking, a controversial practice in which paid political operatives collect ballots directly from voters and deliver them to a local elections office. The Republican National Committee was proud to work closely with the Arizona Republican Party to secure this crucial victory on behalf of Americans.

However, Democrats haven’t learned their lesson: in Mi Familia Vota v. Hobbs, left-wing dark-money organizations are challenging two laws protecting the integrity of Arizona’s elections. The RNC is again stepping in alongside the National Republican Senatorial Committee to help protect the security of Arizonans’ ballots.

We’re confident that we will secure another win for election integrity.

In their baseless lawsuit, Democrats are attacking two common-sense safeguards that help secure Arizona elections.

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First, they’re attacking Senate Bill 1485, a recently enacted law that ensures the accuracy of Arizona’s permanent early voting lists. SB 1485 ensures that ballots are mailed to their intended recipients by removing voters, after first sending a notice of removal, from the permanent vote-by-mail list if they don’t vote over a period spanning two general elections (four straight years).

In practice, this law stops ballots from being automatically mailed to dead people and those who no longer reside at the address where their ballot is mailed.

Having accurate permanent early voting lists is just best practice and necessary housekeeping. It makes obvious sense to ensure the state of Arizona doesn’t mail ballots to dead people or outdated home addresses.

The only controversy surrounding this law is one that Democrats are trying desperately to create. The second part of the Democrats’ challenge takes aim at Arizona’s existing close-of-polls deadline for voters to “cure” their ballots without a signature. Again, this is a straightforward and commonsense practice, not a cause for fake-outrage liberals to rally behind.

Do you think Democrats are lying about election integrity?

Democrats are trying to convince Arizonans — and the American people at large — that these simple safeguards are in fact nefarious plots to restrict voting. Nothing could be further from the truth.

These laws are the product of local Arizona leaders implementing their hard-earned knowledge to improve and streamline their election processes. Sadly, Democrats are inherently opposed to the concept of state leaders making legitimate updates to the voting process.

That’s why they’re attempting a blatant federal takeover of state elections through HR 1 — which failed miserably — and now through HR 4. These two legislative attempts to destroy local leadership are out-of-step with the American people.

This is the Democrats’ playbook: fake outrage, cheap stunts and frivolous lawsuits.

They did this in Georgia, where their lies about Georgia’s election laws uselessly cost the state $100 million in projected revenue from the MLB All-Star Game.

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They did this in Texas, where Texas Democrats took a private plane to Washington, D.C., in a childish protest of basic election integrity laws — and became a COVID-19 superspreader event in the process.

They tried it once in Arizona, and the result was a huge Republican election integrity win in Brnovich vs. DNC. Now they’re taking aim at Arizona again.

They either didn’t learn their lesson the first time, or they think the citizens of this state can be easily fooled. They’re wrong on both counts.

Republicans are making it easier to vote and harder to cheat. That’s why we’re stepping into this frivolous lawsuit. We’re confident that the courts will again affirm what Americans already know: Election integrity matters, and the security of your ballot is more important than cheap Democratic lies.

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