Disney's Woke 'National Treasure' Show Gets Bad News After Just One Season


One would assume that after all of the disasters and fiascos related to wokeness, Disney would have learned its lesson and returned to making quality family entertainment. Well, think again.

Disney just never seems to learn, and now, yet another woke project has completely flopped.

According to Outkick, “National Treasure: Edge of History,” a reboot of the popular “National Treasure” movies from the 2000s, has been canceled after only one season.

The original “National Treasure” films followed the adventures of Benjamin Gates, a treasure hunter who uses clues passed down to him by his ancestors to discover treasures related to pivotal moments in our nation’s history, such as the Revolutionary War or the Civil War.

It was a fun, family-friendly, patriotic series that paid homage to the history of America and served as a tribute to the men and women who built this country.

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The reboot on Disney Plus, however, contains none of that. Instead, it follows the adventures of an illegal immigrant who cannot trust the police for fear of being deported.

According to Deadline, the main character is a DREAMer named Jess, who in a quest to find answers about her family, sets out to save a Pan-American treasure.

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It is clear what is happening here. The producers took a popular and patriotic series and thought that a woke TV series to conform to current political norms would be a good idea.

It turns out, unsurprisingly, that hardly anyone had any interest in watching the reboot.

This should not surprise anyone who has paid attention to events at Disney over the last few years, as it seems that wokeness is now the thing that defines the company, rather than creating quality entertainment.

Two of the three biggest movie flops of the previous year were animated Disney films that pandered in some way to the woke agenda.

One was the film, “Strange World”, the biggest flop of 2022, which featured the company’s first openly gay teen protagonist.

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The other was “Lightyear”, a “Toy Story” reboot about the beloved Buzz Lightyear character that featured a scene in which a lesbian couple kissed each other.

With all this happening, it is no wonder that Disney is losing out to competitors such as Illumination, whose “Super Mario Brothers” film just smashed the box office record for the opening of an animated film.

Disney does not seem to understand that no one wants to watch their woke content anymore. People are tired of it in their films and TV shows. They want to be entertained, not indoctrinated.

Perhaps after the dismal failure of the “National Treasure” reboot, Disney will finally think long and hard about things it can change to improve its viewership and image. But, then again, this is Disney, so I would not get my hopes up.

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