Dog Grabs Cop's Attention & Leads Him to House. He Finds Owner Slumped Over by Front Door


We don’t always get to know why people come into our lives. We don’t always get answers to why things happen to us or why certain events happen.

Sometimes we just have to trust that it’s all working together. One family, though, now knows why a dog came into their life at a particular point in time.

Many people consider dogs to be furry angels, and this story backs up that sentiment. John Boy is a black Labrador who was found wandering outside in the snow one chilly day.

The Labrador was out on a Friday morning in February in Germantown. He had no owner in sight, and started barking when a car slowed down near him.

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Fortunately, the car belonged to a police officer named Jeff Gonzalez. He noticed the dog and pulled over to see what was up.

“He stood there and barked a little bit, then I rolled down my window and called to him. Then he wagged his tail and got more friendly until I got out of my car. And then he ran a little bit,” said Gonzalez.

But was the dog just running off, or was he trying to get the officer’s attention? His family thinks he was leading the officer to his owner’s home.

The officer agrees that is a plausible interpretation. “He pointed me in the right direction,” he said.

Eventually, the dog and cop ended up at a house. On the front porch, a woman (named Krystal) wearing pajamas was flopped over in a chair.

It was far too cold for her to be outside in such weather, and it was unclear how long she had been unresponsive. But there she was, and there John Boy was, and there was Gonzalez.

“To be honest with you, I thought she was dead,” said Gonzalez. “And when I went up, she was very cold to the touch; her lips were blue.”

“But I was able to determine she was breathing and had a pulse. I called for assistance and my partner was close. So together we got her in the house.”

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When the woman’s daughter received a call about her mother’s state, it was not an encouraging one.

“Basically what he told me was, he said that they thought that she was dead,” said the daughter, Tianne Wendt. “So it’s hard.”

Thankfully John Boy was a loyal companion who wasn’t about to let his owner perish all alone on that freezing Friday morning. She spent the night in the hospital.

The family might never have had the Labrador, either — they’d adopted him when three other families couldn’t handle him. Of course, the family knows why now.

He was supposed to be surrendered by the other families because he was meant to be there. He had to save Krystal — a true story of the rescued becoming the rescuer.

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