Emotional Moment 8 Women Remove Their Wigs on Live TV To Inspire Others


Hair is one of the most obvious ways a person can express themselves. Especially for women, hair is an important part of a complete look.

Long, short, layered, bangs, colored, curled — the possibilities are endless.

No doubt most of us have experienced bad haircuts or bad hair days, but those “problems” are possible precisely because we’ve known good haircuts and good hair days.

Some women have had that option taken from them, in a sense. Many people know that some cancer treatments cause hair loss, and women often wear wigs or rock the bald look.

But there are other conditions that claim locks, too. Alopecia is a condition that causes hair loss, too, and was what a young woman named Elisha Appleby experienced at the age of 15.

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“I’ve always suffered from nosebleeds but they said it was stress,” Appleby said. “But really I am not that much of a stressed type of person.”

She said that her hair “came out in clumps, day by day. It was hard at first I wouldn’t leave the house, I wouldn’t go to school, I just locked myself away from everyone.”

Earlier this year, after losing most of her hair, she made the difficult decision to shave the rest off.

“It was a big shock because your hair is your main priority, you just love it and it brings yourself out, and at the time I was shocked I was actually doing it.”

“It took some time . . . to actually do it, I was happy once it was off and it’s the best thing I’ve done, I love it.”

Fortunately, Appleby met a group of women who have helped her embrace her baldness. They are called the Panache Group.

Eight women went on the show “This Morning” to talk about their conditions and camaraderie. They also removed their wigs together.

They hope that their actions and appearance will help encourage other women dealing with hair loss. Many people don’t know that support groups like theirs exist, and solidarity is crucial for these conditions.

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“It’s such a nice experience to be able to go to these girls and speak about the same thing they are suffering with,” said a woman in the group named Kay.

“The support that this group has given to others suffering with hair loss is fantastic.”

The support for these ladies has been overwhelming. Viewers have taken to social media with praise and compliments for women who are bald, beautiful and brave.

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