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Family Says Prayer Saved Teen's Life After Car Accident Left Him in Coma with Broken Neck


It was dark out, nearly midnight, on June 26, 2017. Bobby Asa, just 16 years old, was backing up his car into his father’s driveway when an oncoming car hit and nearly killed him.

His sister, 18-year-old Lexi, called 911 when she found her brother bleeding in the back seat of his car, the force of the impact throwing his body out of the driver’s seat.

When first responders arrived, things didn’t look good.

“He was completely out,” Lt. Chris Baird, one of the paramedics, said, according to CBN. “No response to pain, he wasn’t moving his limbs.

“Over the years seeing patients this badly injured, I didn’t see how there could be a positive outcome.”

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Bobby’s mom, Heather, hurried over as soon as she could, but every moment was agony.

“So, literally, you know, I’m 45 minutes now — sorry,” she said. “And as you’re driving, you’re thinking of everyone one of your kids. Just everything flashes before you and … I don’t think you have anything else to do but pray. I mean, it was — it’s out of my hands.”

Bobby was taken to Legacy Emmanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon, with a broken neck and brain swelling. The teen was in a coma.

“You almost feel like you’re in a fog, you know, it’s going in one ear and out the other,” Heather said. “I don’t know what it’s like to lose a kid. I don’t want to know. You know, I don’t — I don’t — I don’t want to outlive my children.”

While the immediate concerns were taken care of, doctors weren’t optimistic about Bobby’s future.

“If he ever wakes up, he’s going to be a quadriplegic,” Lexi said, recalling what the doctors told them. “And we just sat there and cried.”

After over a week with no real improvements, specialists had two suggestions for the family: allow Bobby to have a tracheotomy, or take him off life support and let him go. Heather wasn’t about to throw in the towel and said she felt compelled to keep fighting.

“They were just to the point like, he’s not moving, he’s not responsive, he’s not doing anything,” she said. “He’s going to be in a bed for the rest of his life. And I remember going back to Bobby and just bawling.

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“I don’t want Bobby to be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. That’s not, there’s no quality there, but I didn’t feel that way. You know, I-I — I felt like Bobby was going to get better. I think that was the only prayer that I prayed. You know, I just — and just keep Bobby alive.”

The family had started a Facebook page for Bobby so that others could stay informed and pray for their beloved son and brother. Prayer became their focus, even as Bobby seemed to languish.

“I had said down in the prayer vigil that, you know, I have to give it to God,” Heather explained. “And I — I hadn’t done that yet. If it’s not the time for you to go, then He’s going to do awesome things.”

Lorielle, one of Bobby’s sisters, said she knew only God could help them at that point.

“We were like, ‘God, we need you. Like, we — I have nothing else. Like, Bobby is sleeping. Like, these people can’t do anything for Bobby. We need you to start waking this kid up. Like, we need a miracle,’” she said.

They got their miracle. After 14 days in the ICU, Bobby started to make very small movements. After 21 days, his tracheotomy tube was removed. After some time, he woke up. He spoke.

With Bobby making great strides, people have been encouraged by his story of healing and the demonstrated power of prayer.

“Yesterday we spent the day filming with the 700 club!” Heather wrote on the Facebook page Miracles for Bobby Asa.

“What a great outlet to share Bobby’s story of Gods … Grace, Healing, Love, Forgiveness and his everlasting Peace of knowing one day we will meet our creator and it will be amazing!

“All of our days are numbered from the day of birth, God allowed our family more time with Bobby and for that we are so grateful! Please love everyone around you, you never know when God will bring them home!”

More recent updates have revealed that Bobby made another impressive milestone: graduating.

“Graduation day is fast approaching and the emotions we feel are surreal” Heather wrote.

“So many days we were told Bobby would not be who he was, so many times we cried uncontrollably praying for God’s grace on this sweet boy and look at him now!! These special friends visited him daily at the hospital and continue to show love and support! So thankful for life, friends and most of all for God unfailing love!!!”

As for Bobby, he saw God’s hand throughout his ordeal and is thankful to be where he is.

“I was literally hanging by a thread, it was like so easy to break,” he said. “But then God pulled it up and therefore it turned into a rope. Because now it’s like I’m almost completely back to the same as I was.”

“It just shows you that like prayer is not like some myth, like it works,” Lexi said. “He’s a miracle worker, like He makes miracles and He’s a healer.”

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