Fauci Now Wants to Mask Your 3-Year-Old in School, Calls It 'Reasonable Thing to Do'


Dr. Anthony Fauci said Monday that he agrees that schoolchildren over the age of 2 should be forced to wear masks at school this coming year, despite the fact that such a drastic step would be anti-science.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently recommended that children aged 3 and up have their faces covered at all times while at schools everywhere beginning in the fall.

In a Monday news release, the group recommended “that everyone older than age 2 wear masks, regardless of vaccination status.”

While kids so young are not old enough for vaccines, at this point, those among us who refuse to let COVID go want to muzzle their faces with dehumanizing, anti-science face coverings.

Fauci, whose opinions at this point are less credible by the day, told CNN’s Kate Bolduan on Monday that he agrees with the AAP and even loony California lawmakers with regard to facing masks on children and vaccinated adults.

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Asked about the anti-science AAP universal masking recommendation, he delved into his usual wild, speculative rambling and called the recommendation “reasonable.”

“I think that’s along the same lines as what we’ve seen with the health authorities in Los Angeles, which in the general population has said the same thing, that when you have a degree of viral dynamics in the community, and you have a substantial proportion of the population that is unvaccinated, that you really want to go the extra step — the extra mile — to make sure that there’s not a lot of transmission, even breakthrough infections among vaccinated individuals,” he said.

Do you think children should be wearing face masks?

“And for that reason, you can understand why the American Academy of pediatrics might want to do that. They just want to be extra safe,” he added.

Noting a discrepancy between the AAP recommendations and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Fauci essentially endorsed mixed messaging.

“I think that the American Academy of Pediatrics, you know, they’re a thoughtful group, they analyze the situation, and if they feel that that’s the way to go, I think that’s a reasonable thing to do.”

What is Fauci doing, if not spouting mixed messaging? While the chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden continues his establishment media tour, the data continues to show that children are not superspreaders.

“Children, including very young children, can develop COVID-19,” Harvard Medical School noted Tuesday. “Many of them have no symptoms. Those that do get sick tend to experience milder symptoms such as low-grade fever, fatigue, and cough.”

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“Some children have had severe complications, but this has been less common,” the school added. “Children with underlying health conditions may be at increased risk for severe illness.”

Some children are also vulnerable to influenza and other common illnesses. The country has never upended their education and challenged their mental health over those.

A great deal of data, from prestigious universities to the anecdotal, tells us that our children are not driving infections or at any substantial risk for complications following a COVID infection.

But on Monday, when given an opportunity to politick for forcing children to wear unsanitary masks that strip their personal identities away from them, Fauci dived right in and endorsed the idea. Anything, presumably, to prolong the pandemic and preserve his spot on cable and network news.

Fauci has probably been the single largest purveyor of false or misleading information throughout the last year.

The minute this absurd crisis is over, he’s likely to disappear and again become culturally irrelevant, as he should be.

It’s difficult to imagine anyone knows this fact more than Fauci himself. It’s fair to say that he wants us to mask up small children so that he can enjoy the limelight for just a little bit longer.

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