First Bond Girl Passes Away at Age 90. Helped Calm Sean Connery To Deliver Infamous Line


There are few series that have shaped our society like the James Bond films. The catchphrases, ideas and style have become trademarks.

Someone telling you that you have a “Bond” vibe is a very positive comment. Men want to be him, women want to be with him.

Eunice Gayson, the woman who played the first Bond girl, has passed away after making it to the age of 90. She played Sylvia Trench in “Dr. No,” which was released in 1962.

At that time, the international man of mystery was played by Sean Connery. His role in that first Bond movie helped make him a household name.

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One of the many evergreen Bond phrases came out of an exchange between Gayson and Connery.

While playing cards at a casino — in true 007 form — Bond asked the woman wearing a red dress what her name was.

“I admire your courage, Miss, er?” he asked.

“Trench, Sylvia Trench. I admire your luck, Mr…?” she prompted.

And thus, the line “Bond, James Bond.” But apparently, that line almost never happened.

At the time, Connery was wrestling with nerves and Gayson saw him struggling. “He had to say Bond, James Bond, but he came out with other permutations like Sean Bond, James Connery,” she said. “‘Cut! Cut! Cut!'”

So she helped him out — by taking him off-scene for a few drinks at the request of the director.

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“So I took him off for a drink or two and he came back on set and said: ‘Bond, James Bond,'” Gayson said.

“It was so wonderful. The day took off from that moment. He was so relaxed.”

Her official Twitter account posted the sad news of her passing on Friday. “We are very sad to learn that our dear Eunice passed away on June 8th,” it read.

“An amazing lady who left a lasting impression on everyone she met. She will be very much missed.”

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