Fred Weinberg: Liz 'Impeachment' Cheney Should Resign Since She Can't Represent Her Own Voters


“The Senate can walk and chew gum at the same time.” So said Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy on “Fox News Sunday” when asked if the upper chamber can conduct an unconstitutional and very unpopular impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump and deal with President Joe Biden’s agenda.

Having spent many years in Las Vegas, I’d make that a long-odds bet.

According to Statista, the current congressional job approval rating is 25 percent, up 10 points from last month’s 15 percent.

In other words, maybe even their own mothers don’t like of them.

And then, there’s Wyoming’s (sort of) very own Elizabeth Cheney. She voted to impeach Trump and was promptly censured by the Republican Party of her own home state.

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Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz visited the Cowboy State last week and spoke to somewhere close to a thousand Republicans at a rally.

“Defeat Liz Cheney in this upcoming election,” Gaetz said, “and Wyoming will bring Washington to its knees. How can you call yourself a representative when you don’t represent the will of the people?”

Gaetz also called the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney “a Beltway bureaucrat turned fake cowgirl that supported an impeachment that is deeply unpopular in the state of Wyoming.”

The truth is that she lived in or near Washington for most of the ’70s and ’80s, went to high school in Virginia and worked in various bureaucratic jobs while her father was vice president. “Fake cowgirl” is not an unreasonable description of her. She’s one of those swamp monsters who just think we’re 74,000,000 stupid people and we’re just going to fade away.

Do you think Liz Cheney should resign?

Cheney called her vote to impeach Trump a vote of conscience. Seriously? Was that her fake cowgirl conscience? She got elected on the basis of her last name and her true colors are now clear. She’s right up there with Nancy Pelosi in her disdain for us little people.

Had she voted against impeaching the former president, her cocktail party invitations would have been cut off, but she would have been accurately representing her actual constituents.

If her “conscience” bothered her so much, she should have resigned from Congress saying she could no longer represent the people who elected her — because she can’t.

Hers is a power play, which, hopefully, will be cut short in 2022.

And the alleged Republicans who voted to keep her in her leadership post in the caucus? They all need to be wiped out in 2022. That’s the penalty for being a quisling.

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These are the phonies who have spent the last four years pretending to be Republicans. They’re the ones who go along to get along and now, they think the former president has no political influence and things will go back to “normal” so they can get back to enriching themselves at our expense.

Was there voter fraud? Heck yes!

The Democrats played us like a rare Stradivarius violin. Because many on the Trump team weren’t long-time pols, they didn’t handle it properly. They didn’t crush it in advance.

But now isn’t the time to say “oh well” and take it.

We have midterm elections in 2022, and now is the time to start working on taking back our country.

Put it this way: Taking back the House and the Senate in 2022 is A) very doable and B) puts us in the position of taking back our country.

Now is the time to start a peaceful but effective revolution.

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