Greta Thunberg Resumes Her Climate Complaints, Lectures Europeans While Energy Prices Skyrocket


Teen climate alarmist Greta Thunberg is haranguing everyone to prioritize climate change while Europe suffers through a crippling energy crisis exacerbated by the Russia-Ukraine war.

The 19-year-old activist lamented that her fellow Swedes are too concerned with daily survival and Sunday’s national election to make climate change the focal point of their lives.

How dare they?

“We have been completely been focusing on other things,” Thunberg told Reuters on Tuesday.

“We focus on the climate when we have time to spare, it feels like. It’s something that — yes, it’s a problem and not an existential emergency that affects all other issues as it should be.”

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Thunberg, who has probably never paid an electric bill in her life, suggested climate change is the top existential threat facing mankind and we must all stop whatever we’re doing to focus obsessively on that.

Essentially, we should ignore soaring gas and grocery prices, terrifying crime waves and metastasizing social unrest in order to direct our full attention toward a theoretical threat.

Thunberg blamed climate change for the recent Pakistani floods, which occurred during the nation’s annual monsoon season.

“Just take Pakistan now, as an example, a very clear example,” she told Reuters.

The insanity of the left and its obedient media allies elevating a clueless teen with no real-world life experience or knowledge as a global “expert” on climate change underscores how badly society has devolved in recent years.

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Her scolding everyone to make climate alarmism the focal point of their lives is reminiscent of brainwashed American leftists who fly thousands of miles to a poor African nation to do social work while ignoring the countless people who live in poverty in this country.

The reality is, you have to focus on what’s in front of you now — such as navigating horrifying crime waves and being able to afford food, gas and rent in order to survive — before you try to solve any theoretical problems in the world.

But Thunberg, who travels on luxury yachts paid for by wealthy liberals while lecturing you to sacrifice even more than you already have, appears to know very little about such struggles.

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