Guy Annihilates Cheating Girlfriend Online. Here's What Happened When She Finds Out


Breaking up with someone is never easy. Sometimes it can be painful on both ends, no matter who initiates the conversation.

But sometimes, like when someone is cheating, there’s nothing that can make that pain better — except perhaps some sweet, sweet revenge. One guy did just that.

Reddit user BinanoSplat found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him, though it isn’t quite clear how, and decided to make a point.

They were going out to dinner to celebrate his birthday and he was going to make quite the impression.

Some time before this, he posted the plot to Reddit. It featured the front of the card and the interior, which was really the best part.

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The front said, “This card will feel heavy.” When opened, a house key was taped under the message “Because it’s packed with tons of good thoughts.”

Underneath the scratched-out words “tons of good thoughts,” was “your house key.” There was quite a long message below the key itself, too.

“Now that you’re single, you don’t need to feel guilty about your sexually charged texts w/Michael, going on dates w/Jared, or about getting drinks tomorrow with Heidi Derek.” That’s a lot of accusation in one sentence.

Even better: the envelope was addressed to “Schmoopsie Poo.”

But his one mistake was posting it before the deed was done. As Reddit does, it circulated this post and it climbed the ranks of virality a bit too fast.

Apparently, one of his girlfriend’s friends was also a common Reddit user. She put two and two together based on the names of the other men and the fact that the boyfriend’s birthday was soon and figured out that it was her friend who was getting savaged online.

So she did what any good friend would do: she called her and asked what on Earth was going on. It seems an odd question to ask, rather than giving a simple warning statement.

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But it turns out, the girlfriend in question was hiding the fact that she was still dating this guy. Whether this friend knew or not is unclear, but it seems plenty of people didn’t know she had a boyfriend.

Of course, the girlfriend wasn’t too happy. She gave the guy a call and the resulting conversation was embarrassing.

Me: Hey what’s up?
Her: I was calling to ask you that.
Me: I’m getting some Mexican food.
Her: Well Aaron called me and asked me if I was okay.
Me: yeah?
Her: He asked if you had done anything embarrassing today. Then he sent me a picture. So is there anything you want to say to me?
Me: I don’t wanna say anything to you. In fact, I don’t think I wanna talk to you ever again.
loooooooooooong pause
Me: Do you understand why?
Her: I don’t understand anything.
Me: Oh yeah?
Her: I think you’re disrespecting me.
I internally facepalm
Me: If me posting a funny picture is disrespectful, then what is cheating and lying about it?
Her: Who’s cheating?
Me: […]. I’ll leave the key in your mailbox.

So, it looks like this guy ended up getting what he wanted, but perhaps not in the dramatic, one-on-one way he intended.

At least he’s free of the unhappiness and can start to heal and move forward with his life. No one needs that kind of stress and negativity.

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