Mom Agrees to Rehome Dog that Reminds Her of Pup 11 Years Ago. But It's Same Dog


Sometimes, God works in mysterious ways. There’s just something about this story that will convince you of that.

Nicole Grimes lives in West Brownsville, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Isaiah Grimes, and their daughter, Violet. She was living her life happily with her family when something on Facebook caught her eye.

One of her friends was trying to rehome a little gray dog named Chloe. She was on the older side, but still had some spunk in her and, of course she had “the face,” as my family calls it — the face you just can’t resist.

Nicole had had a similar dog with that name, but she called her “Chloe Bear” as a puppy. She decided to offer to take the dog, just out of sheer nostalgia for her childhood puppy.

“It looked very similar to my puppy when I was little,” Nicole said. “So, on a whim, I said, ‘I’ll take her.’”

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She took her to her local vet, as you do with a new dog, and the chip number confirmed Nicole’s vague suspicions and wildest hope. This was not just a similar dog with the same name.

This was her Chloe Bear. She had always wondered what exactly happened to her once her father had decided to give her up. Nicole said that one day, “My dad picked me up from school and Chloe was in the car.”

She’d been a gift from her grandmother, and when Nicole’s father started working from home, he said the dog was too “yappy” and too distracting.

“I knew that day was coming because he had been saying we needed to do it. I remember I was so sad and my stomach was nervous driving her there that day.”

Nicole would often think about Chloe on the dog’s birthday, Oct. 26, and would wonder where she was, what she was doing, and who she was with.

Now, thanks to Nicole’s nostalgia and a true miracle, Chloe is finally back home with her first human.

Have you experienced a miracle like Nicole and Chloe's?

The family believes that it’s a sign from her grandmother, who passed a few years ago and was the reason Chloe came into Nicole’s life.

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The Humane Society Chloe had been with said that she’d lived with an elderly couple for years before they passed.

Chloe then moved to one of their neighbors, who was friends with Nicole on Facebook. And the rest is providence.

Chloe recognized her human and seems to be very happy and comfortable in her new, old home. “She’s been so cuddly, and she fits right in here,” Nicole said.

These two childhood friend will undoubtedly have a wonderful life together, and Nicole agrees. “It’s like a part of my childhood came back,” she said.

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