Heartland America Shows Disrespectful Biden How to Properly Welcome Home Fallen Heroes


Indiana patriots this past weekend welcomed home the body of one of our country’s brave servicemen killed last month in Afghanistan in a display that should remind President Joe Biden what respect looks like.

Marine Corps Cpl. Humberto Sanchez, 22, was among 13 U.S. service members killed last month near the airport in Kabul by a suicide bomber amid Biden’s humiliating and botched Afghanistan exit.

Sanchez’s remains were flown back to the U.S. two weeks ago. Grieving families gathered on Aug. 29 at Dover Air Force Base to meet their fallen loved ones alongside Biden. The event was marred by Biden’s blatant callousness toward the death of our country’s heroes.

But when Sanchez made it back to the heartland on Sunday, he was hailed as the hero he was and is.

The Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune reported the fallen Marine was welcomed home by a procession of people following a dignified transfer of his remains at nearby Grissom Air Reserve Base.

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Thousands attended and Sanchez was honored by a flyover. Just look at this tremendous display of honor:

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Biden and those pulling the strings in Washington could take a page out of the book of the humble people of Indiana, and indeed all of the heartland, which is so commonly referred to as “flyover country” by so-called elites on the coasts.

Do you think Joe Biden should resign?

Perhaps Sanchez’s family might be comforted in their time of grief by what they saw on Sunday. The family and others were disrespected by Biden, not only when he sacrificed their children to terrorists, but when their remains returned home at the end of last month.

Biden was so bored at the initial dignified transfer of remains at Dover Air Force Base that he reportedly couldn’t stop looking at his watch.

More than one parent of a fallen soldier commented on Biden’s behavior at the ceremony. One Gold Star mother wrote on Facebook: “I watched you disrespect us all 5 different times by checking your watch!!! What the f*** was so important that you had to keep looking at your watch????”

Thankfully, Biden doesn’t represent Americans outside of his D.C. inner circle. He doesn’t represent the part of America which still values sacrifice, bravery, humility and patriotism. Other communities also remembered our 13 fallen heroes this past weekend:

Leave it to people in the heartland to remind the country’s inept and cold leaders what dignity looks like.

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