Homeowner Wakes To Find Swastikas Painted on Garage, Neighbors Rally To Clean it for Free


Halloween is a time of lighthearted fun for kids and parents. Neighbors come together, there are unprecedented sugar highs, and houses are decorated to look cute, festive, or creepy.

But the real horror for one Las Vegas homeowner arrived on Nov. 1, when he went to take his daughter to school and was greeted by the sight of hateful symbols carelessly scribbled on his house.

The black spray paint swastikas covered every light surface on the front of the property, including the garage door, the driveway, and the path leading up to the door.

Whoever had done this had also sprayed the support pillars and other cement areas with squiggles and lines. The swastikas were backward, too.

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Morley Fulgencio, the owner, was shocked. “I was flabbergasted,” he told KTNV.

Some people might expect teenagers to get up to these sorts of shenanigans — it’s a prime argument for why older kids should still be allowed to trick-or-treat — but Fulgencio couldn’t help but notice that he was the only one on his street who’d been targeted.

Brian Judd, one of Fulgencio’s neighbors, found the act appalling. He spearheaded an effort to remove the terrible markings, and other neighbors offered their support, too.

“It shows whatever hatred is out there, it’s outweighed by human kindness,” Fulgencio said, after being overwhelmed by offers of assistance.

He also mentioned that if the perpetrators meant their bigoted act to divide people, it had the opposite effect, as it brought the entire neighborhood together.

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The company Judd contacted, American Graffiti, even removed the vandalism at no cost to anyone, which was greatly appreciated.

“Thank you neighbors!” one woman commented on Facebook. “BLESS YOU!!!! Hate has no place here. ?✌?”

In these turbulent times, it’s good for us to see people banding together like this to help one another. The act itself was hateful, but this neighborhood has a renewed sense of support and pride.

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