iPhone 'Explodes' in Hands of Employee at Apple Store, Injuring Seven People


Just in case you got any ideas, it’s highly recommended you don’t try removing the battery in your own iPhone.

Mostly this is for warranty reasons, but it probably isn’t a good idea anyway if you value your expensive belongings.

With no easy way to remove the back panel — without tools, that is — you probably won’t be successful in any of those endeavors, but it’s best to be aware. Even when professionals handle them, things can sometimes go awry.

In Zurich, Sweden, a customer had brought their iPhone in to a repair worker at the Apple Store for an unmentioned reason.

At some point, the worker attempted to take out the battery and while that happened, it started to overheat.

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According to MacRumors, it “slightly” burned the employee’s hand and then started to smoke. It isn’t clear how it happened, but it also injured seven other people.

Approximately 50 people, customers and employees, had to be evacuated from the store in Bahnhofstrasse — one of the most lavish shopping malls in the world.

Ambulances and firetrucks quickly appeared on the scene of the incident.

The biggest concern was smoke poisoning, but it was mitigated by reversing the ventilation and sucking the contaminated air out. It is unclear if customers were able to return to their business inside the store that day.

While none of the injured people had to be hospitalized, it must have been quite a scary experience.

I imagine many people will question their next smartphone purchase.

However, it sounds like this wasn’t quite so eventful as the incidents involving Samsung’s Galaxy Note7. In that case, many phones’ batteries were melting across the world, causing severe burns and even small explosions.

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One person even left theirs charging in their running car and it caused the vehicle to actually catch fire after the phone exploded.

The local fire department arrived in time that it did not spread beyond the Jeep.

Samsung issued a recall in 10 countries after 35 incidents across the world.

They even launched a Product Exchange Program for those who had purchased a Note7 and insisted they return their products for their own safety.

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