Itxu Díaz: Joe Biden Is in Serious Trouble


The president of the United States has been “in trouble” long before the election. In fact, he was “in trouble” every time he had to face a campaign interview or an electoral debate.

Let’s face it: Joe Biden has a lot of problems that need resolving, but his personal affairs should not come at the expense of the country.

In reality, governing is easy. The difficult part is explaining it to journalists. But without standing before public opinion and being held accountable, democracy is little more than a comedy with great potential for becoming a drama.

Don’t forget that this man is controlling your family, your health, your wealth, your army and your freedom through legislation. The least that should be required of him is that he knows what he’s doing.

And it’s a well-known secret that Biden hasn’t a clue about anything. Biden — a ventriloquist, a puppet, a danger.

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He could accidentally press the wrong button. And if you do that in the White House, the staff might bring you a coffee when what you wanted was to bomb a jihadist concentration camp in Deir ez-Zor. The opposite could also occur.

It’s not reassuring to discover that Biden’s political decisions are arbitrary, if not outright random. I have a theory that when it comes to foreign policy he is taking sides on every issue with the help of a roulette wheel. I suspect his decisions are based on where the ball falls — hence the inconsistency.

Hence the irrelevance to which he will end up relegating the United States in the world — that is, if someone does not force him to cease playing roulette at once. And let’s not forget that China loves the game.

Democrats have played a marked card: Use old Joe to achieve power at all costs, and then pray that he is at least able to stand upright. It is logical that journalists’ questions bother him.

Do you think Kamala Harris is really running the country?

How can someone in that state answer questions about masks? How can one know what measures their government will take if they sign what’s put before them without even knowing what it is?

As I wrote a few months back, Joe Biden doesn’t exist. The United States is in the hands of Kamala Harris, who, from the first day of the campaign, has probably kept a touching obituary dedicated to the president along with a fabulous inaugural speech for herself tucked away in her nightstand drawer.

And now comes one of those choices that life sometimes throws at you: What do you prefer, an absent president whom you can’t even question, or to have as president one of the most sectarian and resentful people who has approached American politics in the last century? At the moment, we have both.

However, a country with a devotion to the free press that the United States has always maintained needs to have a president to whom it can ask questions. If Joe can’t do his job, he’s going to have to go, or at least admit it and pass the baton to Kamala Harris.

Wouldn’t it be something to hear her hysterical laughter throughout the press conference? They say that nervous laughter is the first indicator of an imposter.

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In Kamala’s case, you wouldn’t need a nervous laugh to know, but the truth is she has it, and it’s as thunderous as a stampede of bells.

She has it, and Americans deserve to hear it while the press questions her about the reopening of schools, about masks, about vaccines and about her lunatic claims to force doctors to perform sex-change operations — which is the matter that truly occupies her days.

Biden’s time in the White House is a farce, a comedy, a sick joke. But when the performance abruptly ends, the only one who will be laughing will be Kamala Harris, although the admission will have already been paid by each and every one of the Americans. Socialist humor.

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Itxu Díaz is a Spanish journalist, political satirist and author. He has written nine books on topics as diverse as politics, music or smart appliances. He is a contributor to The Daily Beast, The Daily Caller, National Review, The American Conservative, The American Spectator and Diario Las Américas in the United States, and columnist for several Spanish magazines and newspapers. He was also an advisor to the Ministry for Education, Culture and Sports in Spain. Follow him on Twitter at @itxudiaz or visit his website