What Did Joe Biden's Final 3 Words of SOTU Mean? People Are Guessing


People are puzzling over the final words of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address March 1. What did they mean? Was it a mistake?

The White House release of the speech as it was prepared ended with, “May God bless you all. May God protect our troops.”

But those were not the final words that Biden uttered in his address to the nation.

A quick pause after “May God protect our troops” was followed by a phrase that sounded a whole lot like, “Go get him.”

ABC News was among the outlets reporting those were Biden’s closing words.

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But now the question is, go get whom?

People have taken to Twitter with their queries, jokes and theories.

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Some thought it was a rallying cry to go get Russian President Vladimir Putin, seeing as it followed his comment about the troops and Biden spent the first part of the speech hounding Russia and calling out Putin.

Some chalked it up as a simple flub in a speech full of them, such as when Biden called Ukrainians “Iranians.”

Others suggested he might have misunderstood a message intended for his handlers. The president is 79 years old, after all.

The official White House transcript said Biden ended with, “Go get ’em,” and liberal outlets such as The New York Times and USA Today reported it as such in their transcripts. But it clearly sounded like “him.”

We’ll likely never know for sure whether it was a mistake, a rallying call to get Putin or merely a mangled “go get ’em” to encourage the American people.

Given Biden’s past mistakes, comments and stumbles, anything is possible.

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