Liberals Complain About American Health Care While People in Other Countries Are Being Killed By MRIs


While the United States admittedly doesn’t host the best health care system in the world, especially because of Obamacare’s continued effects, its healthcare still outranks the health care of many other nations, including India.

According to the Indian daily newspaper Mint, India’s health care system ranked at a measly 154th place in 2015. That placed it 119 spots beneath the U.S.

Obviously, India needs to catch up, which is understandable given that it’s a third-world nation beset by poverty, disease and very poor technology. That’s OK; they are doing the best they can.

What’s not OK is the outrageous belief by some leftists like Robert Pearl, a clinical professor of surgery at Stanford University, that “U.S. health care needs a wake-up call from India,” as he opined last year in USA Today.

“In Bangalore, India, heart surgeons perform daily state-of-the-art heart surgery on adults and children at an average cost of $1,800,” he wrote. “For the record, that’s about 2% of the $90,000 that the average heart surgery costs in the United States. And when it comes to the quality of the heart surgery, the patient outcomes are among the best in the world.”

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That might just be the lie of the year.

“Every year, about 5.2 million people die due to human errors in India. … Around 70% of deaths that occur due to medical negligence can be attributed to human errors,” Dr. Rakshay Shetty, a pediatric specialist, revealed to The Times of India last year.

People like Rajesh Maru, for instance, who died recently “after being sucked into an MRI machine while visiting a relative at a hospital in Mumbai,” as reported by The Guardian. A doctor and another junior staff member were arrested afterward “for causing death due to negligence,” a local police spokesman reportedly revealed.

To be fair, an American boy died in a similar accident in 2001 when an oxygen tank “became magnetized, then flew through the air at 20 to 30 feet per second and fractured the boy’s skull,” according to a report from The New York Times.

Does America have a good health care system?

Mistakes happen. The more pressing question is, though, how often? In India, the answer is very often, including in 2014 and then again last year. Mistakes aren’t an anomaly in India; sadly, they’re normal. So is corruption.

“For a hefty commission, doctors prescribe more tests than necessary, to be done at preferred in-house or outside labs,” The Diplomat warned two years ago. “Sometimes tests are not even conducted on the samples taken; instead, fake results are given to concur with the doctors’ rationale for prescribing those tests in the first place.”

This happens here too, of course, but not at the same rate. Not even close, in fact.

“Worse, doctors have been known to conduct fake operations to extract money from naïve patients or their relatives,” The Diplomat’s report continued.

Were a doctor to try something like this in the United States, he would subsequently spend the rest of his life in prison, I imagine.

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Is India a bad place full of bad people? Absolutely not. But it is a third-world country that suffers from a litany of problems in health care and other industries.

So please, liberals, before you complain about our health care system, first educate yourself about health care systems in other countries. You might learn something in the process.

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