Lunacy: Michael Moore's 2020 Pres. Wish List Includes Absurd 'All-Stars'


Remember when “celebrity” candidates were mocked by the left? You have to think way back to ancient times — say, 2016 — but sure enough, liberals were once bemoaning how the presidency would be tarnished if a reality television star won the Oval Office.

Apparently a few years makes all the difference. In a bizarre series of “picks” for who Democrats should run against the president in 2020, perpetual blowhard Michael Moore just floated an entire list of celebrities he thinks should take on Trump.

“Let’s name ourselves the ‘2020 Recruitment Committee’ & get the Thanksgiving Dinner conversation started!” the “Fahrenheit 9/11” filmmaker posted on Thanksgiving Day.

“Our job: Find a BELOVED American who shares our VALUES and can WIN the White House in 2020. Think of a BOLD, fresh idea & post w/ #Draft2020,” the far-left social critic continued. “I’ll start: Ellen Degeneres!”

Is this real life or The Onion?

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Throwing out the idea of nominating people based on, say, their actual experiences in life or qualifications for the White House, Moore went all-in on identity politics. His presidential criteria? Apparently just about anybody who is mildly famous, and sufficiently liberal.

“We need to think outside the box. If a Lesbian Native American MMA fighter can be sent 2 Congress from KANSAS—the sky’s the limit!” he ranted. “Sully Sullenberger. Michelle Obama. Tulsi Gabbard. Tom Hanks. LeBron! Bernie! Oprah! Beto! Streep! Why don’t we win for once!”

Do you think Democrats will nominate a celebrity in 2020?

Is that a rhetorical question, Mikey? Bernie and Beto already lost. LeBron’s main talent is putting a ball in a hoop. Hanks and Streep make their living reciting words other people have written, and pretending to be strangers.

But wait, as they say, there’s Moore! Becoming more desperate to find someone — anyone — who might be able to defeat Trump in 2020, the liberal filmmaker listed even more celebrities he wishes would run, with the only criteria being that they’re liberal and people have heard of them.

“Thx for these new names as to who should run in 2020: Sally Yates, Andrew Gillum, Kamala Harris, Sherrod Brown, Richard Ojeda, Shaun King, Cecile Richards, Anthony Romero, Stacey Abrams, Marianne Williamson, Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, Kate Brown, Amy Klobuchar, Bruuuce! Others?” he posted.

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It looks like nobody told Moore that celebrities did diddly-squat to influence the 2018 midterm elections. As Fox News reported, big-name endorsements from stars seemed to have no impact on races, with the candidates endorsed by liberals like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé mostly losing.

At the same time, Moore’s fervor over finding a viable candidate is an admission of what Democrats already know: None of their go-to politicians are popular with the American people.

A recent poll found that “none of the above” was the most popular choice among liberal voters, even after names like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are shown. The liberal ship is adrift, and nobody seems ready to take the tiller.

Maybe it’s time for Moore himself to face the fact that like Bernie and Biden, he’s just not that cool anymore. The 64-year-old may have had his moment as a counter-cultural icon for angry college students during the George W. Bush years, but that’s getting to be ancient history in political terms.

For all the leftist talk about “restoring dignity to the Oval Office,” it seems liberals are now so desperate to retake it that qualifications don’t matter. The reality that they cannot admit is that Trump transformed the political landscape, and it’s Democrats who are now scrambling to catch up.

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