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Maltese and Her 5 Puppies Found Abandoned in Plastic Drawer at Shelter Door Overnight


It’s disheartening to see the ways people get rid of their animals once they no longer want them, especially when there are so many resources available.

With all the shelters around, it’s frustrating that so many critters still end up abandoned. There is generally a fee associated with surrendering animals, which scares many people off.

But just dumping your animals? Inexcusable.

And in severe weather? Even worse.

At some point Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, someone dropped off a mama dog and her pups at the Arizona Humane Society.

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It was after hours, so no one was there to take them in out of the elements. They had no way to cool down in the summer heat.

It was just the little Maltese mix and her five tiny puppies, dropped off in a plastic drawer, waiting for someone to rescue them.

Britta Nelson, the Arizona Humane Society spokesperson, said that it wasn’t until 6:30 that someone managed to find them.

“One of our emergency animal medical technicians arrived Wednesday morning at 6:30 A.M. to discover a Maltese mom and her puppies were left in front of the building in a little plastic drawer overnight,” she said.

“These pets cannot survive these conditions.”

The shelter itself is currently at capacity, housing adoptable cats and dogs and trying to keep them cool and comfortable in the summer temperatures that regularly get into the triple digits.

Even though the shelter is full, there are plenty of other options, and there are people at the shelter ready to advise owners who are looking to rehome their animals.

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“We have customer experience agents answering the phone providing people with resources,” Nelson said.

“So if you find yourself … with an unexpected litter and you just can’t care for them anymore, you can call the pet resource center and they can provide a lot of different options for you,” she concluded.

The mom and her babies will be put into foster care, where they will get the love, attention and socializing that they need. Once the 4-week-old puppies are 8 weeks old, they’ll be available for adoption.

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