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Man Saves Woman After BMW Crashes Through Fence, Lands Upside-Down in Pool: 'Not a Great Pool Toy'


On Saturday, a couple with a beautiful home in Rancho Peñasquitos, located in San Diego, California, decided to go out for lunch.

Normally, they’d spend their Saturday afternoon lounging in their backyard oasis, swimming in their pool, but on that particular day they decided to go out instead — a choice that ended up making all the difference.

That’s because at about 1:00 p.m. that same day, a blue BMW went off the road, crashed through a fence and landed upside-down in their once-perfect, sparkling pool.

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Ken Ramirez, who was next door, heard the commotion and ran over to investigate. He was surprised to see the classy car in such a compromised position but didn’t hesitate to jump in and assist the two people in the vehicle.

“I was in the house next door, and we heard a car skid, and then we heard the collapse of the fence,” Ramirez said, according to KNSD.

“I saw the car upside down in the pool. I jumped over the ledge here behind me and went into the pool.

“The driver and the passenger were still in the car when I arrived.”

The passenger, a male, managed to get out of the car window and find his way to safety.

The driver, a female, was slipping in and out of consciousness, making it hard for her to escape, according to Ramirez.

“As I got into the pool, calling to see if I could get any response, the gal that was driving, her head and her arms came through the driver window,” he said, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“Fortunately, she floated out rather easily. Helped her out. She was passed out, flipped her over, water — get the water out of her lungs, try to stabilize her as much as possible.”

KNSD reported that there were liquor bottles, debris and gasoline in the pool after the accident.

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San Diego police are investigating the accident, though according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, no arrests have been made.

It was a good thing Ramirez was on hand when the accident happened, as he likely saved the driver’s life. He reported that both people were doing well after their ordeal.

Ramirez did express some tongue-in-cheek sadness over the demise of the car as well, saying that the “beautiful blue Beamer” was “not a great pool toy.”

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