Maxine Waters Accuses Trump of Being 'Dangerous' for Children


California Rep. Maxine Waters tweeted Sunday that President Donald Trump is “a dangerous example for children” over his refusal to wear a mask amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Trump is a dangerous example for children and those who tend to follow him,” the Los Angeles Democrat wrote.

“Not wearing a mask and not social distancing is dangerous. Do not follow his example. Protect yourself. Coronavirus kills!” she added.

The long-serving congresswoman concluded her Memorial Day weekend message by describing the president as an “ignoramus.”

“Maybe this ignoramus doesn’t care, but you should care about yourself!” Waters wrote.

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The tweet was among a volley of posts from California’s 43rd Congressional District’s representative.

Waters also implied that Trump and others are controlling the nation’s stockpile of personal protective equipment for health care workers and accused him of “dismantling” the United States Postal Service in order to prevent the Democrats’ vote-by-mail plan from going into effect.

Do you think Democrats such as Waters want to see hydroxychloroquine fail as a treatment for COVID-19?

“Trump owns AG Barr; Pompeo at State Dept; & Kushner at FEMA, controlling PPE. NOW he’s undermined the US Postal Service & installed a GOP fundraiser to run it,” she tweeted.

“Control of the USPS is control of vote by mail! HELL NO! We’re not going to let Trump get away w/ dismantling the USPS!”

Waters further accused the president of being dishonest about taking the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, which she described as deadly, and claimed without evidence that Trump is attempting to make money from the decades-old medication.

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“Trump claims to be taking #Hydroxychloroquine but why should we believe him when he lies all the time?” she wrote.

“Maybe it’s just a good marketing job to get others to take it so that he can profit from his investment. Latest info on #hydroxychloroquine is that it causes death, SOOOO??” the Democrat added.

The New York Times reported last month that three Trump family trusts held a small stake in the French drugmaker Sanofi, which produces a brand name of hydroxychloroquine, among other drugs.

But the Democrat-friendly newspaper The Washington Post has debunked a claim from Trump critics that his interest in the drug is financial.

“[T]he three trusts each hold between $1,001 and $15,000 in the Dodge & Cox fund. In other words, Trump’s stake in Sanofi from each trust is between $33 and $495 — or between about $100 and $1,500 in total,” The Post’s Philip Bump wrote.

Bump concluded that the Trump family trusts include dozens of similar small investments, and up to a dozen larger investments.

Trump first announced last week that he had started taking the drug as a preventative measure.

Despite an apparently coordinated media campaign to discredit the drug’s efficacy, many people have credited hydroxychloroquine for saving their lives.

Last month, a Democratic state representative from Michigan credited the drug, and Trump’s promotion of it, for saving her life as she was near death after testing positive for COVID-19.

“For me, it saved my life. I only can go by what it is that I have gone through and what my story is, and I can’t speak for anyone else,” Michigan state Rep. Karen Whitsett said.

Whitsett also said she learned of the drug only after hearing Trump mention it on television.

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