Megyn Kelly Lets Loose on 'Devil-Themed' Grammy Performance, Blasts Sam Smith for Nipple Covers


Megyn Kelly offered a takedown of “nonbinary” singer Sam Smith’s Grammys performance on her SiriusXM radio show on Monday.

The host took particular issue with the nipple covers the British singer sported in one of his latest music videos, astutely pointing out that they were wholly unnecessary.

Not only did Kelly dissect Smith’s performance of a song he decided to call “Unholy,” but she also offered an assessment of whether it was an intentional celebration of satanism or simply a misguided gag.

She interviewed former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, and the pair dished about the performance and the music industry’s obvious contempt for Christianity.

The conversation would be humorous if its topic were not such a tragic sign of where the country is both culturally and spiritually.

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“[Smith] went out there and did this whole devil-themed performance celebrating Satan,” Kelly said. “Halfway through the song, he added a horned hat to his look. And then, of course, as if on cue, the whole thing ends and it has the banner, ‘sponsored by Pfizer.’”

Kelly said she thought the display was more about mocking conservatives and Christians than actually worshipping Satan.

Does the left worship Satan?

“It’s an amazing troll, really, of the right wing,” Kelly told O’Neill, noting that the gimmick, if that is indeed all it was, worked.

O’Neill agreed with Kelly.

“I think that Sam Smith is trolling the right, I really do,” he said. “Because the thing is we’re saying these are all demons, this is a demonic cause … and, I mean, Sam Smith loves it. He kind of went out of the limelight for a while and, I mean, based on the nipple tassels in his latest video, I think he likes attention.”

That led Kelly to point out the obvious.

“First of all, if you are a man, you do not need nipple covers,” she said. “What are you doing with nipple covers? Nothing coming out of that nipple that you need to cover whatsoever. OK? So take them off.”

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The host concluded that Smith’s stunt at the Grammys was a “middle finger to Christians” more than anything else.

While Kelly is probably not wrong there, the performance was still an insult to God. Smith and those who lauded his debaucherous display ultimately thumbed their noses at the Almighty and all those who seek to live in grace.

The ratings for this year’s Grammys were low, so at least relatively few people saw Smith’s anti-Christian performance live.

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