Megyn Kelly Warns Audience to Not Fall for Fox News' Tricks: 'They Are Banking on You Coming Back to Them'


Megyn Kelly challenged current and former Fox News viewers last week to avoid the network in a clip that went viral on Twitter Monday morning.

Kelly, a former primetime host at the network, said that people should refrain from watching its programming while host Tucker Carlson remains effectively silenced after he was fired two weeks ago and remains under contract.

The company never said why Carlson was unceremoniously axed, but Kelly theorized he is legally bound to stay on the sidelines until next winter.

Kelly has tackled the topic of his firing on her SiriusXM radio show since it was announced.

Last week, she said that Fox News intends to weather the backlash from silencing Carlson, as executives are counting on viewers to be so dull, loyal, and desperate that those who have walked away will come back.

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She also shared some advice: Don’t break until Carlson is free and his voice can be heard somewhere else.

“[Carlson and the network] don’t have a deal, why not?” she said. “Because he needs to be silenced while Fox tries to rebuild that disappearing audience. They are banking on you coming back to them.”

Will you ever go back to Fox News?

She continued, “They’ve got a debate in August, you can’t resist. You’ll go. You’ll forgive everything. They’re banking on it. DeSantis is likely to announce this month. You’re going to turn on Fox News.

“You can’t go to CNN. You’re not going to Newsmax. You’re not going to go to digital media. You’re going to tune in to the Fox News primetime, you lapdogs. It’s what you always do.”

Kelly concluded that Fox News intends to keep Carlson “silent” until his audience forgets about him and returns like the loyal subjects network executives believe them to be.

Her message of resistance was circulating on Twitter before the sun came up in New York on Monday.

By the afternoon, it had gone viral with people everywhere declaring they would resist or outright boycott the network:

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Kelly’s message struck a chord with many people, and rightly so.

Fox News cornered the cable news market on conservatives decades ago, and only in recent years have viable options emerged for people who are not into its brand of New York City-based values.

If we’re being honest, the network as a whole has shown us its hand in recent years.

For example, Fox News has referred to a convicted California child molester named James “Hannah” Tubbs — a man — as “her” numerous times in pieces published online throughout the past year.

Tubbs, if you’ll recall, suddenly began identifying as a woman when he allegedly killed someone, and Fox News has honored him by using his preferred pronouns.

Carlson, meanwhile, was never concerned about misgendering predators. The host never sold out. He never surrendered. He never wavered.

The man never gave an inch to the left’s culture of indecency, and neither should conservatives who counted on his voice for the truth.

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