[RETRACTED] Merriam-Webster Changes Definition of 'Anti-Vaxxer' to Include People Who Oppose 'Laws That Mandate Vaccination'


RETRACTION, May 14, 2021: The Western Journal has retracted this story because it was published in violation of our Ethics and Editorial Standards. We did not reach out to Merriam-Webster for comment prior to publication, nor did we cite reliable sources in describing the changes to the definition of the term “anti-vaxxer,” which were made in 2018 and had nothing whatsoever to do with COVID-19. The Western Journal continues to believe that it is beyond ludicrous to define “anti-vaxxer” as anyone who opposes laws mandating vaccination because it attempts to label as “anti-vaxxers” a very large population of small-government conservatives who have in fact been vaccinated multiple times. However, it was erroneous to attribute this particular ludicrousness on the part of Merriam-Webster to the COVID-19 vaccine or responses to it.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary apparently stealth-edited its definition of the term “anti-vaxxer” to now include people who are opposed to forced vaccinations, and presumably the coronavirus vaccine, in particular.

The federal government continues its campaign to convince people to take a vaccine that, aside from its reported efficacy, comes with arguably no additional benefit. People like the vaccinated Dr. Anthony Fauci tell us that these vaccines are safe and necessary, but every time we see him, he’s advocating for forever masks and implying that one’s vaccine status is potential leverage over the unwashed masses and their rights to medical choice.

People are now bitterly divided on not only whether that vaccine should be taken, but also whether it should be mandated by a government that can’t even be trusted to guard an international border. Even many of those who have made the choice to receive one or multiple doses of a COVID vaccine still respect others who didn’t make that same decision — people who are deemed mask “hesitant.”

The Biden administration’s mixed messaging on masks and vaccines has likely contributed greatly to vaccine hesitancy, with a reported one-third of Americans now saying they do not want the shot and won’t take it, according to polling from The Associated Press.

Look at these silly people:

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These are people who are telling Americans that the vaccine is safe and effective, yet they continue parading around in masks while also telling those who are vaccinated to avoid friends and other loved ones — even post-inoculation.

The coronavirus vaccine is being pushed by people who are not trustworthy. Who could blame anyone for not wanting to take the shot, or for at least pointing out all of the absurdity, and standing up for the American principle of personal choice?

The vaccine issue has turned into another battle in the culture war, and according to screenshots shared online by Twitter users, Merriam-Webster is siding with the authoritarian Democrats who now pretty much run every institution in the country.

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One of the world’s most influential dictionaries updated its definition of “anti-vaxxer” to read: “a person who opposes vaccination or laws that mandate vaccination.”

So-called “anti-vaxxers” have traditionally been those among us who don’t believe in vaccine efficacy, safety or ethics. These are people who have exercised their rights to avoid the jab for diseases such as smallpox and polio, and they’ve faced widespread scorn and ridicule — perhaps deservedly so.

Still, these people have exercised their rights to make the health decisions they deem appropriate for themselves and their children, which is as American as it gets.

Prior to this week, the definition for anti-vaxxer had never been used to smear people who are hesitant to take a hastily-created vaccine which many people want to be forced on everyone by the federal government.

But with a few keystrokes, Merriam-Webster’s page on the anti-vaxxer is now implying that people who approve of the wonders of vaccines and medical science, but don’t want their neighbors forced to take shots under the threat their liberties will be taken away from them, are quacks in need of reprogramming.

Merriam-Webster is now gaslighting people with valid questions about the COVID vaccine by connecting them with a small segment of the population that holds views about inoculations that are not widespread.

The term “anti-vaxxer” carries with it very negative connotations, and the folks running Merriam-Webster know that. They have now classified millions of pro-vaccine and pro-medical choice Americans as being kooks.

When the left is losing a messaging campaign, it can always count on a little help from its friends who police and control the common language we all share.

Online dictionaries have waded into political waters more than once in recent months to update definitions amid fights over policy — always in favor of Democrats and their schemes.

When leftists can’t win people over with substance, they now literally rewrite the terms of the fight.

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