Mike Huckabee: BLM Protests Are Just Political Theater Filled with Pre-Scripted Propaganda


I’ve long suspected that there was an enormous amount of political theater and stagecraft behind the alarming violent protests we’re seeing all over America.

It seems a little too convenient that all this racial division suddenly struck just before an election where black voters were starting to ask themselves why they should remain loyal to a party that’s done nothing but keep them down for decades instead of voting for the alleged “racist.”

And not only was Trump not accused of racism until the minute he announced that he was running for office as a Republican; he also finally signed prison sentencing reform and presided over the lowest black unemployment ever and the fastest-rising wages in decades.

It was also odd that the killing of George Floyd, which everyone condemned, could only be dealt with by instituting the same far-left script that has been repeated for years and that had nothing to do with Floyd or addressing actual racism.

It’s reminiscent of how some teachers’ unions claim that teachers can’t possibly go back to work during the pandemic unless we first pass “Medicare for All” and put their charter school competitors out of business.

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(Incidentally, since grocery workers and delivery drivers have remained bravely on the job throughout, are they admitting “teacher” isn’t an essential job?)

It also seemed suspicious that so many of these protesters who are demanding that black Americans dominate the national conversation are underemployed white college grads with purple hair, nose rings and useless liberal arts degrees, claiming to speak on behalf of black people while burning down black neighborhoods and demanding that police leave law-abiding black citizens to the mercy of armed gangs.

There seems to be a disturbing amount of pre-scripted propaganda and role-playing involved.

That’s because it’s political theater designed to fool us into thinking it’s reality. And now, we actually have video of the actors doing their off-stage costume changes.

For instance, check out this video of antifa rioters in Portland putting on yellow shirts to pose as “moms” joining the protest against local and federal police.

And here’s police video from Chicago showing “peaceful protesters” slipping away from a group in a park and hiding behind umbrellas while they change into black-masked antifa garb and then attack police:

One other thing worth noting about the “Peaceful Protesters Standing Up for Black People” show: It’s the only theatrical production left where white actors get all the speaking roles, including those that should be going to black people.

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Do you think many of the protests around the country involve pre-scripted propaganda?

Speaking of protests being co-opted by screaming, neurotic, white post-graduates, Andrea Widburg at American Thinker explained how we’ve created a generation of angry, confused, emotionally damaged young white women — you know, the ones we see screaming racist epithets into the faces of black cops in the name of fighting racism.

While the lion’s share of the article is about what’s happened to young, white, female graduates of liberal colleges that’s made them so emotionally unstable, I’d also like to call attention to the opening paragraph, which could spark an excellent separate article:

“The Black Lives Matter movement and the subsequent riots by Antifa, the Democrat party’s domestic terrorist arm, have shown Americans what leftism is — an ugly combination of social and government coercion, racism, violence, and anti-Americanism. It’s also revealed that the American left has been using American blacks as a vehicle for political power without any regard for actually improving black people’s lives. Instead, the left destroys their communities and doubles down on damaging policies.”

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