Mom Baffled by Street Sign in Middle of Road, Has No Idea She's Being Ambushed


Every day, the world grows a little more cynical. New dangers are invented, old dangers are reinvented and it’s difficult to be a trusting person anymore.

Unfortunately, there are people and forces out there that would like to rob us of our hard-earned money and possessions. We have to be vigilant to stay one step ahead in order to hold on to what’s ours.

According to WLKY, Mike Cook, the Bullitt County Chief Deputy, said that “It seems like in today’s society people get set up.”

One mother in Bullitt County, Kentucky, almost lost multiple possessions last Sunday. She and her daughter were in the car as she drove down Zoneton Road.

You’ve probably seen those chain email warnings or seen news bulletins about sketchy situations to avoid while driving: Things like not getting out even if you see a baby carrier in the road because it might be a trap.

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These scenarios prey on our humanity — who in their right mind would leave a baby carrier just sitting in the middle of the road? Aren’t we monsters if we don’t get out to help?

And yet it’s exactly those sort of good, humanitarian acts that scam artists bank on.

This mother ran into something a little different. A sign. Just a road sign, but placed in the middle of the road.

Suspicious, perhaps, but maybe there was no one around, so the mom just decided to hop out quickly, move the roadblocking sign and go on her way.

But as she got out, a man ran toward her car. He yelled at her to stay back.

It’s unclear how, but the man became aware of the daughter in the car. The mother yelled at him and him and did not stay back: She wasn’t about to let her car and her child be taken from her.

The mother said that would-be robber looked to be a white male in his 20s, was clean-shaven and was wearing a hoodie and/or a backpack. She couldn’t remember which way he took off, probably because she was more focused on other issues.

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“You’re kind of traumatized at that moment and you’re concerned about both her safety and her daughters safety and I would say her concentration was more on getting in that vehicle, getting that door shut, and getting out of that area is why she didn’t have an idea which way the person went,” the chief deputy said.

Cook had advice for anyone who sees anything suspicious while they’re out on the road: “Just wait and call us and have us come out. That’s the safer way.”

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