Mom Births Identical Sisters. 7 Years Later, They're 'Most Beautiful Twins in the World'


Everyone is accustomed to hearing that their children are so cute, or so beautiful, or so handsome from friends and family and even random strangers. But all babies are cute, right?

Well, there are certainly scales of cuteness, but I think it’s safe to say that in general babies radiate adorableness. No argument there.

One family, though, heard it far more often than most. Jaqi and Kevin Clements had their first child, Chase, and were very excited to start their family. Only a couple years later, though, Jaqi discovered she was pregnant again.

This time, though, she had twin girls. Leah and Ava came four and a half weeks early, on July 7, 2010.

Strangers constantly told her that her girls were beautiful — after, of course, asking if they were twins — and many friends recommended she sign them up for modeling.

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They were only 6 months old when Jaqi signed them up with an LA modeling agency.

But life is hectic with infants and a toddler, and it didn’t take long before they realized they couldn’t keep up with everything. Jaqi canceled with the agency and decided to just live her life with her family, and maybe give her girls the option to try again later in life.

Then came their seventh birthday: 7/7/17. In her blog, Jaqi said, “So many sevens…so many signs that this was THEIR year to shine!”

And so she asked them if they had any interest in modeling. “I presented my idea to the girls that if they were up for it, in addition to their dance classes and swim team practices they had every week, they could give modeling a try.

“I was not surprised at all when they started jumping up and down and couldn’t wait to begin!”

And so their journey started. The first picture they posted (below) launched their careers — but don’t expect that to happen for everyone!

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She sent out that image and a few others from the garage shoot they did with a friend who owned a children’s boutique, and surprisingly, she heard back from each and every contact.

After meeting with a few of them, they decided to sign with two agencies in different counties. Everyone was clear with it, and no one had any issues because they had completely different kinds of clients.

But things got a little hairy when both agencies signed them up for Barbie auditions. After a whole bunch of phone calls, chain emails, and careful explanations, neither agency dropped the twins and understood that this mom wasn’t trying to scam them or do anything harmful.

Since they signed with their agencies and kept up with their Instagram, Leah and Ava have accrued over 181,000 followers, and it’s still growing. People call them “the most beautiful twins in the world.”

And really, they are truly stunning.

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