Mom Who Ripped Off Son's Hat During National Anthem Proves Not All Heroes Wear Capes


One of the many joys that come with being a parent is helping your child(ren) form their understanding of the world and how to operate in it.

This generally includes a healthy dose of correction in some form or another to keep the little ones on the straight and narrow.

Even animals display these kinds of parenting skills: puppies who get a little too mouthy or rough are bowled over or put in their place by momma dog.

It’s not that the dads don’t ever step in and help, but in many families, it’s mom who’s with the kids more often. And there are plenty of other moms who can commiserate with the gymnastics that are necessary to keep an eye on all your kids all the time.

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Moms and dads are in positions of authority, but when kids come along — especially more than one — interacting with each of them can become tedious.

No longer do you want to explain the reasons behind the requests you make. “Because I said so” becomes the staple reply of haggard moms and dads everywhere.

Along with basics like personal hygiene and table manners, parents also have a burden to instill respect and a correct view of the nation in their children.

For many families, that includes respecting the flag, the military, cops, veterans, and others who have made noble sacrifices and help keep our country free.

One mother recently discovered a teachable moment with her son last Sunday at a Yankees/Red Sox game.

The National Anthem was floating through the air, and the kiddo front and center had remembered only half his manners.

He stood solemnly and had his hand over his heart, but he seemed to have forgotten the baseball cap perched on his head. But mom didn’t.

In the video clip, a blonde woman steps forward and scoops the baseball cap off the boy, deftly whisking it off his head and placing it over his hand in one fluid motion.

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The incident was caught on tape and has left many people applauding the mother’s quick thinking and swift action.


Whether or not the young man intentionally disregarded protocol, momma made sure it was all taken care of.

Twitter exploded with support. One person wrote, “The Mom that just pulled her sons hat off while the National Anthem was playing before the #SoxYanks game needs to be the #1.”

Another tweeted, “Anyone else see that mom rip her sons hat off his head during the National Anthem? That was hilarious.”

A third wrote, “Good job to the mom at the @Yankees @RedSox game who took her sons hat off during the national anthem.”

All in all, this mother saw a problem and she took care of it. And isn’t that what being a mom is all about?

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