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Moment 2 Pit Bulls Meets 3 Blind Cats, Dogs Instantly Become 'Surrogate Moms'


Sherry Stewart is an animal lover. She already has two dogs of her own, but that hasn’t kept her from opening up her home to other needy critters.

Her two dogs, Alfie and Frankie, are pit bulls. Alfie is gray with cropped ears, and Frankie is white with brindle patches. To look at them, you might think they could be vicious — but you’d be very wrong.

Alfie was rescued from a bad situation six years ago. When he was found, he was so emaciated that the rescuers decided the best thing would be to put the dog down.

But then Sherry showed up, and she wanted to give him a chance. “I picked up Alfie and I put him in the back seat of my car with my daughter,” she said. “He looked up at her, gave her a kiss and we knew he was ours.”

That gentle attitude continued, and he is now a therapy dog, sharing love and kindness with many people.

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Frankie is also a rescue. Some rescue dogs have dark pasts that negatively impact their futures, but these two pit bulls are the opposite: they’re the welcoming committee.

When Sherry found out about a trio of cats needing fostering, she brought them in. While some dogs might be aggressive toward cats, Frankie and Alfie were lovebugs and helped the cats, who were going through a difficult time.

Helen is a middle-aged, gray-and-white cat. Bruce and Willis are 10-week-old tabby cats and brothers.

All of them had gone through operations to have their eyes removed for different reasons. Bruce and Willis’ initial surgery wounds looked much worse than Helen’s, and all of them needed special attention.

“Helen was so sweet but so distressed in her cat kennel,” said Sherry. “I knew I could at least give her a temporary place to call home where she could recover and learn how to transition to life without sight.”

“(The dogs) kind of act like surrogate moms,” said Sherry. “They seemed to have sensed they need little extra TLC.”

Fortunately, in addition to her “surrogate mom” pit bulls, she was fostering another cat who became fast friends with Helen.

“Helen was nervous with him at first, but he was persistent and finally won her over. They would eat, play and take naps together. In a short period of time, they really formed a very special relationship.”

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Bruce and Willis were shy and distressed, but with the help of Alfie and Frankie, the two have warmed up to their new surroundings.

“(Willis) doesn’t act distressed and doesn’t have any trouble finding things. He can even jump into my bed now,” said Sherry.

In fact, one of the brothers — Bruce — is so comfortable with Frankie that he sleeps on him at times. In the photo above, you can hardly see him because he blends into Frankie’s coat so well.

While these blind kitties are still looking for forever homes, it’s fantastic that foster homes like Sherry’s can step up to house and heal these rescues. With the help of her surrogate mom pit bulls, hopefully Sherry will be able to let them go to new homes soon.

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