MSNBC Hack Tweets Attack Caravan Stories... Doesn't Notice Network's Giant Twitter Pic of Caravan


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes just got called out on his hypocrisy.

Hayes, the host of the MSNBC’s news and opinion show “All In with Chris Hayes,” thinks that Trump and the Republicans are too focused on the group of Central American migrants planning to make their way into the U.S illegally.

He mocked conservatives on Twitter on Friday, characterizing their concern over the caravan as “desperate.”

He appeared to want to shut down any coverage of the caravan story.

“The palpable desperation among conservatives and Trump and the GOP to talk about the caravan is really something,” he wrote. “So thirsty!”

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Hayes doesn’t seem to think that thousands of people, the majority of whom are young men, planning to forcibly enter the United States through illegal venues counts as newsworthy.

He thinks we should give the story little importance, dismissing the group as simply being “people in flip-flops a 1000 miles from the border.”

“I get that they think it’s a good issue, but also: they’ve controlled the government for almost two years and they don’t really want to talk about what they’ve done! Instead they want to talk about people in flip-flops a 1000 miles from the border.”

But Hayes may not have realized that he was biting the hand the feeds him.

As another Twitter user pointed out, the header image of Hayes’ own network’s Twitter account is a picture of the migrants on a bridge at the Mexico-Guatemala border.

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Evidently, Hayes wants the media to only pay attention to the bomb scares which have filled the news from wall to wall the past few days.

But the as the caravan of migrants continue marching steadfastly along their route, the story is still worthy of attention.

Do you think people should stop talking about the caravan?

The leftist-organized group of Central American travelers seem to be itching for confrontation.

Whether or not Hayes thinks the “people in flip-flops” pose any safety concerns, the migrants themselves certainly see themselves as a force to reckoned with, based on the way they are advancing towards the U.S border. Goes to show you how much MSNBC hacks like Hayes would like to ignore.

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