Nancy Sinatra's Daughter Posts Heartfelt Words About Mother Who Passed Away at Age 101


Some people lead interesting lives that the rest of us can only imagine. The glitz and glam of Hollywood often call to people and can look glamorous to those of us who look from the outside in, but it takes its toll.

Nancy Barbato was born on March 25, 1917 — 101 years ago. In 1934, at the age of 17, the young woman was about to have her life changed.

While she was in Hoboken she started to pick up music and became a jazz singer.

It was during this period of her life that she met a man who would catch her eye and dazzle her on his way to stardom.

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While both Barbato and Frank Sinatra were in New Jersey in 1934, they crossed paths. They met at the Long Branch resort and hit it off.

At only 17 and 19, the two were young. But they were in love and quickly became engaged.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing: Nancy discovered that he’d cheated on her while out and about following fame. That would worry anyone, but Frank managed to reassure her that it wouldn’t happen again, and they got married.

During their 12 years of marriage, the couple had three children. They named two after themselves.

There was Nancy Junior, Frank Junior, and Tina. Nancy went on to make music as well, and Tina became an actress. Music and acting were in their blood.

In 1950, Nancy and Frank separated. Nancy claimed that Frank had mentally abused her, and she needed space.

Within the following year, the two were divorced. Just 10 days after it was finalized, Frank married another woman that he’d reportedly been seeing on the side.

Tina later described this time of her father’s life as difficult. She could see the toll his relationships were taking on him and commented on it in a book she had published.

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“It would take him two years to ask Mom for a divorce, and they were two of the roughest, most insecure years of Dad’s life.”

“His career was faltering, his bank account dwindling,” she wrote. “What money he had went to Mom to care for us.”

“He was pursuing the highest-maintenance woman in Hollywood (Gardner), and one who freely traveled the world to boot.”

Ava Gardner was a pricey catch, but she was only to be the second of Frank’s four wives before he passed away in 1998.

At 82, Frank died of heart attack. Nancy outlived him by 20 years, and she never married again.

But now the centenarian has peacefully passed from this world. Her daughter Nancy Junior tweeted a touching tribute that highlighted the impact her mother had had on her.

“My mother passed away peacefully tonight at the age of 101,” she wrote. “She was a blessing and the light of my life. Godspeed, Momma. Thank you for everything.”

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