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National Park Removes Fearmongering Global Warming Sign After Snow Keeps Falling

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Purveyors of the global warming hoax have been duped once again.

According to The Daily Caller, a sign at Glacier National Park in Montana stating the location’s ice floe would vanish by 2020 at the hands of “climate change” was removed by the National Park Service.

The “Goodbye To The Glaciers” sign was originally substantiated by computer models that projected glaciers “will all be gone by the year 2020,” federal officials said.

However, higher-than-average snowfall has allowed the glaciers to thrive in recent years, invalidating the early-2000s computer projections. “Glacier retreat in Glacier National Park speeds up and slows down with fluctuations in the local climate,” the U.S. Geological Survey told the Daily Caller.

“Those signs were based on the observation prior to 2010 that glaciers were shrinking more quickly than a computer model predicted they would,” USGS said. “Subsequently, larger than average snowfall over several winters slowed down that retreat rate, and the 2020 date used in the NPS display does not apply anymore.”

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On Thursday, blogger Roger Roots’ keen eye spotted the removal of the sign, which the NPS didn’t publicize. “As recently as September 2018 the diorama displayed a sign saying GNP’s glaciers were expected to disappear completely by 2020,” Roots wrote. “The ‘gone by 2020’ claims were repeated in the New York Times, National Geographic, and other international news sources.”

Roots said that the sign had been up for less than a year and garnered a great deal of media attention when it was first posted. He presented evidence of the sign alteration through video and photos from his visits to the park.

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“Just last year, officials at Glacier National Park were displaying signs and brochures predicting that all glaciers in the Park would disappear by 2020 (or 2030). Now the Park Service is scrambling to remove the signs without their visitors noticing,“ he wrote in a scathing Facebook post. “The new signs are more nuanced and claim that everyone agrees the glaciers are melting. This is not true; most of the famous glaciers in the Park have slightly grown in recent years.”

Roots presented the media he captured to corroborate his timeline of events:

The blogger put up a $5,000 bet that in 2030, the Glacier National Park would still have glaciers.

This incident is a perfect example of why it’s completely illogical to be afraid of climate change.

As soon as one thinks the weather will continuously get warmer and melt ice caps, heavy snowfall comes crashing in to save the day.

That is, after all, what real climate change is — simple variances in atmospheric conditions.

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Leave it to the left to be scared of the weather and then be made to look foolish when claims are disproven.

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