NBC Deletes Tweet After Crossing the Line With North Korean Message


Though the entire leftist mainstream media fell over themselves last week in a shameless rush to lavish North Korea’s Winter Olympics delegation with praise, NBC News’s exaltation of the totalitarian regime stood out as especially disgraceful.

On Saturday the network tweeted a clip of the rogue regime’s cheerleading squad performing at the Winter Olympics and captioned it with the the following: “(T)his is so satisfying to watch.”

The tweet wound up being deleted shortly thereafter because of the scathing backlash it provoked from outraged Americans, but not before The Federalist co-founder Sean Davis captured a screenshot of it.

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“Is North Korea paying NBC for this nonsense, or are the network’s executives legitimately in thrall of tyrannical regimes which keep tens of millions of their own people in slave camps? Not sure which is worse,” he wrote in an additional tweet.

By tweeting “this is so satisfying to watch,” NBC essentially offered a tacit endorsement of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s brutal treatment of his citizens, including those in his country’s cheerleading squad.

The reason the squad’s performance was reportedly perfectly choreographed likely wasn’t because the ladies were passionate about performing but rather because they knew that one mistake could potentially cost them their lives.

As noted by conservative commentator Benjamin Weingarten, “If they don’t act like this they will end up in the gulag.”

Does the media's fawning over North Korea disgust you?

While NBC’s glorification of Kim’s brutality was contemptible, other leftist media networks fared no better: “North Korea’s 200-plus cheerleaders command spotlight at 2018 Winter Olympics with synchronized chants,” ABC News proudly announced Saturday.

According to NewsBusters, the media reacted similarly to the presence at the Winter Olympics of Kim’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, who reportedly manages her brother’s oppressive Propaganda and Agitation Department.

“The Washington Post … glorified the North Korean censorship head as the ‘Ivanka Trump’ of the regime and ‘political princess,'” NewsBusters reported.

“The Associated Press also got in on the pro-North Korean coverage by touting how ‘At Olympic Games, Kim Jong Un’s sister takes VIP seat’ (headline),” the media watchdog’s report continued.

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“They seemed encouraged by how much Kim would be a pain in the side of the Trump administration. ‘The trip by Kim Yo Jong is the latest move in an extraordinary show of Olympic diplomacy with Seoul that could prove to be a major challenge to the Trump administration’s hard-line Korea policies,’ they chided.”

The New York Times went further, using Kim Yo Jong’s “charm” at the Olympics to take a shot at Vice President Mike Pence, a kind, soft-spoken man whom liberals hate because he happens to be a devout Christian.

As Breitbart reported: “In an article Sunday titled ‘Kim Jong-un’s Sister Turns On the Charm, Taking Pence’s Spotlight,’ the New York Times was unable to contain its admiration for the totalitarian state, saying that North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, stole the show at the Winter Olympics by sending his sister, Kim Yo-jong.”

And yet, despite this stunningly bizarre praise for the most brutal and totalitarian nation on the planet, many in the media still remain perplexed at why so few Americans trust their judgment anymore.

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