Neuroscientist Breaks Down Vaccine's Glaring Weakness and Why Officials Won't Tell You the Alternative


The left-wing browbeating of Americans to get the coronavirus vaccine and accompanying booster shots could be undermining the country’s ability to achieve herd immunity, according to one neuroscientist.

That is because while the vaccines injected into our bodies stimulate internal immunity, they don’t prevent vaccinated individuals from contracting the virus through the mucous membranes in their noses and mouths.

In contrast, unvaccinated people who have recovered from COVID-19 or have antibodies due to their exposure to infected individuals may be better protected from the virus than the vaccinated, according to Dr. Michael Segal, a neurologist and neuroscientist.

“All this has implications for public-health authorities’ determination to achieve herd immunity through vaccination alone,” Segal wrote Monday in a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed.

He pointed to a recent outbreak in Massachusetts, where 74 percent of infections occurred in fully vaccinated individuals.

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There has also been a massive recent outbreak in Israel, where 78 percent of residents 12 and older are fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.

“In the Provincetown, Mass., outbreak, which informed the CDC’s recent change in guidelines, viral loads in the nose were ‘similarly high’ in the vaccinated and unvaccinated, suggesting that the vaccine’s efficacy against infection in the nose had fallen to zero with the advent of the Delta variant,” Segal wrote.

“That would mean herd immunity through vaccination is impossible.”

Segal suggested that allowing people to build up their natural immune systems so the country could achieve herd immunity might be a better approach than forcing everyone to get vaccinated.

However, that’s not being allowed to happen amid the rabid vaccination push.

“In the meantime, herd immunity may prove difficult to achieve unless more people get infected and develop natural immunity of both types,” Segal wrote. “Given the dangers of infection, officials are rightly reluctant to encourage actual infection, and loath to mention its benefit in conferring mucosal immunity.”

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He continued: “But we shouldn’t shun people who have recovered from Covid. Vaccine mandates for in-person interactions — whether imposed by governments, employers or businesses — should make exceptions for the previously infected, who thanks to natural mucosal immunity are likely at less risk than never-infected vaccinated people of spreading the virus to others.”

Early in the pandemic, some scientists and physicians argued that pursuing herd immunity was a better strategy for stemming the coronavirus than enacting one-size-fits-all lockdowns and mask mandates.

However, many of these scientists were silenced, deplatformed and/or attacked by the media.

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In April 2020, two California physicians posted a YouTube video urging lawmakers to reopen America, slamming the nationwide shutdowns as unwarranted.

Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi argued that herd immunity was a better approach to combatting the coronavirus without destroying the economy and ruining people’s lives.

Erickson and Massihi are emergency room physicians who co-own Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield. They have a combined 40 years of experience treating viruses and respiratory infections.

Predictably, YouTube censored and removed the doctors’ video after it garnered millions of views.

Similarly, in March, a physician and professor of clinical epidemiology at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute quit researching and publicly discussing COVID-19 after being terrorized by leftist mobs.

Dr. Jonas Ludvigsson’s “crime” was that he presented data that undermined the left-wing narrative that schools should remain indefinitely shut down because of the coronavirus.

The research that Ludvigsson analyzed showed that hardly any children contracted the virus at school even though they didn’t wear masks and were unvaccinated.

In addition to being a professor, Ludvigsson is a pediatrician at Sweden’s Örebro University Hospital, so he’s an expert in children’s health.

Unlike the United States, Sweden kept schools and preschools open amid the media-driven coronavirus panic, which is why the data that Ludvigsson presented was so compelling.

The results confirmed that the left-wing hysteria was indeed unwarranted.

But after he presented his research, Ludvigsson said, he was barraged with violent threats, hostile media smears and angry letters and emails, according to the British Medical Journal.

“He told the journal of the Swedish Medical Association (Lakartidningen) that for a week he woke up at 3 am every night and could not get back to sleep and that he had now lost his ‘appetite for covid-19 — both when it comes to speaking out and researching,’” the report said.

“He has decided to quit researching and debating Covid-19.”

This mob bullying and censorship of anyone who questions or contradicts a left-wing narrative has metastasized into the field of science, which is supposed to be objective and fact-based.

Liberals who claim that men can get pregnant incessantly screech that we should “follow the science.”

However, it’s almost impossible to “follow the science” when those on the left keep attacking and censoring the scientists with whom they disagree and when the “science” they demand we obey changes every week.

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