New York Times Suggests Global Warming Might Be Worse Than Biblical Plagues


The New York Times suggested future global warming would be worse than the plagues unleashed on Egypt in the Bible’s Old Testament.

“In Exodus, the plagues came one at a time. In the future, climate crises might arrive in packs,” The Times tweeted Monday promoting an article about a new global warming study.

In the book of Exodus, God unleashed ten plagues upon Egypt until the pharaoh agreed to Moses’ demand he let the enslaved Israelites leave.

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The plagues included locusts, turning water into blood and death to first-born Egyptian sons.

The Times’ Twitter account was promoting an article published Monday on a new study that claimed “some tropical coastal areas of the planet, like the Atlantic coast of South and Central America, could be hit by as many as six crises at a time” by 2100.

Lead author Camila Mora and 22 fellow researchers found claim to have found “traceable evidence for 467 pathways by which human health, water, food, economy, infrastructure and security have been recently impacted by climate hazards,” including heat waves, droughts and storms.

Two University of British Columbia scientists published a study last calling into question scientists’ use of RCP 8.5.

The scientists found that RCP 8.5 modeled a future where historical trends reverse, and the world switches to using more coal.

This “indicates RCP8.5 and other ‘business-as-usual scenarios’ consistent with high CO2 forcing from vast future coal combustion are exceptionally unlikely,” they wrote in their study.

This isn’t the first time The Times has alluded to the Bible when it comes to global warming.

A June 2017 Times article likened a collapse of Antarctica’s ice sheet to the story of Noah’s ark.

“In the Epic of Gilgamesh, waters so overwhelm the mortals that the gods grow frightened, too,” reporter Justin Gillis wrote.

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“In India’s version, Lord Vishnu warns a man to take refuge in a boat, carrying seeds. In the Bible, God orders Noah to carry two of every living creature on his ark.”

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